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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Glitch Makes NPC Invisible


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are discovering more & more glitches, with this most recent one being hilarious, turning an NPC invisible.


Another interesting glitch was recently found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, leaving one NPC invisible. The game has been having quite a disappointing launch so far, riddled with performance issues & tons of glitches & bugs. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the 9th generation of Pokemon games, & reaction from fans has been mixed online. With such high anticipation, Nintendo has a lot of work ahead to regain the trust of its large fanbase.

Currently, fans are requesting refunds for the latest entry because they are not enjoying the game. Interestingly enough, according to a Reddit post, Nintendo is seemingly refunding players as long as they pre-ordered a digital version through the Nintendo eShop. Other gamers are review bombing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to further show how disappointed they are. However, while it may be the lowest-reviewed Pokemon game in the franchise, it has also been the fastest-selling game in Nintendo’s history. According to a recent press release from Nintendo, it sold over 10 million copies in just three days.


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A current Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player & Reddit user, ShokaLGBT, shared a video of a glitch depicting a ghost NPC carrying a shopping bag walking through an egg-hatching cutscene. It’s one of the funnier glitches being caught during gameplay by fans, as it genuinely appears to be an invisible NPC just going about its business. As this glitch evidences, there seems to be no end in sight with how many unique & hilarious glitches players are discovering, & Pokemon Scarlet & Violet only recently released.

Despite the endless bugs & lag, some players enjoy playing the recent Pokemon title. Unfortunately, those fans streaming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on Twitch are facing DMCA issues. This is due to a song in the game performed by Ed Sheeran. While ShokaLGBT may not be experiencing streaming strikes, they aren’t alone in experiencing an NPC bug. Other players noticed NPCs behaving oddly in the background as well. Another Reddit user pointed out that an NPC trainer during a recent battle was only visible because they saw an eerie floating Pokeball.

So far, Nintendo has not formally announced any scheduled patch yet. There are, however, a lot of fixes fans want to be implemented into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet sooner than later. The number of issues found may be entertaining for gamers to share online, but fixing performance issues & releasing a new update are likely of the utmost importance for Nintendo & The Pokemon Company right now.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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