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How to Beat Brassius (Artazon Gym Guide)


For those hoping to beat the gyms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in order of easiest to hardest, Artazon Gym should be the second step on their path to Victory Road. The Gym Leader there is Brassius, a Grass-type trainer with three low-level Pokemon at his disposal. He can seem fairly intimidating when players first meet him, but he ends up being anything but once the battle gets underway.

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Like Katy before him, Brassius’ team can be swept aside fairly easily, though only if Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players head into the battle with the right counters. This may require them to catch a few new Pokemon on their way over to Artazon, but, in all likelihood, they’ll already have everything they need to wipe the floor with the Grass-type Gym Leader.

How to Prepare for the Artazon Gym


Being a Grass-type Gym Leader, Brassius’ team shares a lot of the same weaknesses as Katy’s. As a result, those who used a Fire or Flying-type Pokemon like Fuecoco or Flamigo during the previous gym battle are already good to go. Bug, Ice, & Poison-types are also super effective against Grass-types, but Fire or Flying is arguably the best way to go due to how readily available they are. In the case of the former, players will be able to catch themselves a Litleo as they make their way east toward Artazon, while the likes of Oricorio, Murkrow, & Squawkabilly can all be found near the southern entrance to the town.

How to Complete the Artazon Gym Test (Seek out the Sunflora in Artazon!)


Before they can take on Brassius, players will first need to complete the Artazon Gym test, which requires them to find ten Sunflora scattered around the town. Thankfully, their locations aren’t fixed & there are much more than ten of them w&ering around, so finding the required amount is fairly straightforward. Players should ride their Legendary Pokemon as they search to speed things up a little & be sure to return to the central plaza often as more Sunflora will spawn there over time. Once they’ve found ten Sunflora, players should lead them back to the Sunflora Lawn to complete the test.

How to Beat Brassius at the Artazon Gym


Given that most of the wild Pokemon around Artazon are around Level 20, players should have very little trouble dealing with Petilil & Smoliv, particularly if the Pokemon they’re using has a type advantage against Grass. Sudowoodo can be a little trickier, as Rock Throw is strong against most Grass-type counters. Though, thankfully, Brassius will usually have Sudowoodo use Trailblaze instead so as to make use of its Terra Type bonus. As a result, players can just keep hitting Sudowoodo with Grass-type counters until it runs out of HP.


Once the battle is over, players will receive ₽3,060 in prize money & the Artazon Gym​​​​​​​ badge, which, assuming it’s the player’s second, will allow them to control Pokemon up to Level 30 & make catching them much easier too. Brassius will also h& over a copy of TM020, Trailblaze; a new Grass-type move that deals physical damage to the opposition while also increasing the user’s speed by one stage. After a short conversation with a member of the Elite Four, players will then be free to make their way to the Levincia Gym, which is to the northeast of Artazon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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