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How to Beat Iono (Levincia Gym Guide)


Assuming that players are tackling them in the preferred order, Levincia Gym should be the third stop on their journey to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Victory Road. It’s the home of a trainer named Iono, an Electric-type Gym Leader who also happens to be a social media influencer, which serves as a constant theme throughout both the gym test & the battle against her after players have passed it.

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Unlike the previous two gym battles, which could be beaten simply by finding a Pokemon with a type advantage over the gym leader’s team, the Levincia Gym requires quite a bit more forethought & planning. The gym test is a lot more involved as well, ensuring that players can’t simply coast through it. Of course, with a little bit of planning & the right strategy, Iono can still be beaten without too much trouble.

If Levincia is the third gym that players choose to take on, Nemona will show up when players first arrive & challenge them to a battle. She’ll have Rockruff (level 21), Pawmi (level 21), & Floragato (level 22) on her team & will Terastallize the latter immediately after throwing it out.

How to Prepare for the Levincia Gym


Iono is an Electric-type trainer, so Ground-type counters are going to work best against her team. Players may have already grabbed themselves a Diglett or a Paldean Wooper earlier on in the game, but neither will be up to the task ahead. Instead, players should leave Levincia via the northern exit until they reach East Province (Area Three).


Here, they’ll be able to find wild Dugtrio, Rolycoly, & Silicobra, all of which have levels in the mid-twenties & so can be very useful against Iono’s Pokemon with minimal training. Scarlett players will also be able to grab themselves a Larvitar in this area, which is highly recommended for both this battle & the ones still to Approach.

How to Complete the Levincia Gym Test (Find Mr. Walksabout!)


The Levincia Gym test actually comes close to being challenging & takes the form of a game of hide & seek. Players will need to find Director Clavell (or Mr. Walksabout, as Iono has affectionately nicknamed him) across three different locations throughout Levincia. It’s a little bit like a game of Where’s Waldo? (Where’s Wally, in Europe), with players needing to battle an Electric-type trainer after finding him the first two times.


In the first screen, players can find Clavell hiding behind the pole of a parasol over at a table to the right of the scene, while in the second he can be found behind the counter of the Pokemon Center on the left. The last one is a bit trickier, but eagle-eyed players should be able to spot Clavell on the deck of a small boat to the right of the battle area. As for the two trainers, the first will have a Luxio while the second has a Tynamo & a Flaaffy, all of which are at level 22.

How to Beat Iono at the Levincia Gym


Iono has four Pokemon at her disposal, not all of which can be dealt with using Ground-type moves. Wattrel is weak to Rock & Ice-type attacks while Bellibolt & Luxio can both be taken out quickly using Ground-type moves. Iono’s Tera Pokemon is Mismagius, which, due to its Levitate ability, has no major weaknesses after being Terastallized. As a result, players should hit it with their hardest attacks.


Anything other than Electric, Flying, & Ground-type moves will work well here. It doesn’t matter whether they’re physical or special attacks either, as both Mismagius’ Defense & Special Defense stats are exactly the same. Given Mismagius’ move set, it’s best to avoid using a Pokemon that is weak to Ghost or Electric-type attacks, which means no Ghost, Flying, Psychic, or Water-types. Also, if players happen to have Approach across any Persim Berries, it wouldn’t hurt to give one to their main Pokemon so as to counter the effects of Confuse Ray, which can be incredibly annoying.


Once Mismagius has been defeated, the battle will end & players will be rewarded with ₽4,320 in prize money, TM048 (Volt Switch) & the Levincia Gym badge. Assuming Iono is the third Gym Leader that players have defeated, obtaining this badge will ensure that all Pokemon up to level 35 will obey them while also making them easier to catch out in the wild. Players will then meet Geeta, after which they can make their way west to Cascarrafa Gym & its Water-type leader, Kofu.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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