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How to Beat Katy (Cortondo Gym Guide)


Although players can technically visit them in any order they like, there is a preferred order for tackling gyms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The first one that most players will visit is Cortondo Gym, which can be found to the west of the Naranja Academy & is home to the Bug-type Gym Leader, Katy.

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Katy is by far the weakest of the eight Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with only three low-level Pokemon in her team. Players should be able to beat Katy with very little effort & next to no training, though a little bit of preparation may be required depending on the Pokemon that they have at their disposal.


How to Prepare for the Cortondo Gym


Katy is a Bug-type trainer, so players have a few different options when it comes to counters. Those who chose Fuecoco as their starter Pokemon should already be set, but fire isn’t the only option when it comes to taking down Bug-types. Although Fire-types are somewhat rare in these parts, there are plenty of great Flying & Rock-types around the first few areas, with Flamigo & Bonsly being some of the better options available in the surrounding area. Ultimately, though, just about any Fire, Flying, or Rock-type should be able to do the job thanks to the low levels of Katy’s Pokemon.

How to Complete the Cortondo Gym Test (Olive Roll Challenge)


Upon their arrival at the Cortondo Gym, players will run into Nemona, after which they should talk to the lobby staff to get signed up for the gym’s test. Once they’ve done so, they’ll need to head outside to the nearby location that’s marked on their map & then take part in the Olive Roll Challenge. It really is as simple as pushing the giant olive around the course & into the basket, which is pretty easy despite the awkward collision physics. There’s no time limit either, so players really have no excuses for not being able to complete the test.

How to Beat Katy at the Cortondo Gym


Given the low levels of her Pokemon, Katy is unlikely to cause players too much trouble, particularly if they have type advantage. Nymble & Tarountula will likely go down with a single hit, so players should wait until they’re up against Teddiursa before using their Tera Orb to Terastallize. It’s worth noting that, for all intents & purposes, Teddiursa effectively becomes a Bug-type Pokemon after Katy Terastallizes it, so players should resist the urge to switch to Fighting-type moves & continue to use Fire, Flying, or Rock-type attacks once Teddiursa takes to the field.


After beating Katy, players will receive ₽2,700 & the Cortondo Gym badge. Assuming that this is the player’s first gym badge, obtaining it will make Pokemon up to Level 25 obey instructions & make them much easier to catch. Katy will also give players TM21 (Pounce), a new Bug-type move with 50 Power & 100 Accuracy. Once players regain control, the next stop on the path to Victory Road leads east to the gym in Artazon & its Grass-type leader, Brassius.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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