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How to Beat Kofu (Cascarrafa Gym Guide)


For most players, Cascarrafa will be the fourth gym that they visit in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. As they’ll quickly learn upon their arrival there, it’s home to the excentric Water-type Gym Leader Kofu, who players will need to overcome in order to get their h&s on the Cascarrafa Gym badge. Thankfully, he’s not nearly as tough as he looks.

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Even if players arrive in Cascarrafa without any good Water-type counters, they’ll still be able to beat Kofu with very little effort. In order to do so, they’ll just need to keep their eyes peeled during the Cascarrafa Gym trial & make sure that they have a healthy stock of Pokeballs at their disposal when they set off.

How to Prepare for the Cascarrafa Gym


All of Kofu’s Pokemon are Water-types, so Grass & Electric-types will be the best counters. There’s a good chance that players will already have a pretty decent selection of suitable Pokemon at their disposal by this point in the game, particularly those who decided to choose Sprigatito as their starter Pokemon. Those who don’t need not worry though, as they’ll be visiting West Province (Area Two) as part of the Cascarrafa test. Here, they can catch powerful Electric-types like Pikachu & Magnemite, as well as a few useful Grass-type Pokemon like Tropius & Bramblin.

How to Complete the Cascarrafa Gym Test (Make the Winning Bid at the Auction!)


Upon their arrival at the Cascarrafa Gym, players will run into Kofu as he leaves for the marketplace in Porto Marinada. Unfortunately, however, he’s forgotten to pick up his wallet & so the lobby staff will Question players to deliver it to him there. This means passing through the Asado Desert to the north, which can be a little frustrating due to a combination of the raging s&storm & the ridiculous amount of pop-in in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at launch.


After passing through the desert, players will arrive in West Province (Area Two), where they’ll be shown a cutscene of Kofu strolling toward the marketplace. Once it ends, they should follow him down there, at which point they’ll need to beat Kofu’s apprentice in battle. He has a Floatzel & a Clauncher, both of which are level 28, so players should lead with a Grass or Electric-type Pokemon. Once they beat Hugo, they’ll get ₽3,920 & Kofu will appear.


Returning Kofu’s wallet will lead to him asking players to win some rare seaweed for him in an auction that’s about to start nearby. He’ll h& over ₽50,000 for them to bid with, after which the auction will Open. To complete the test, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players should refrain from bidding until they absolutely have to & should always bid the lowest amount possible when they do. It’s impossible to fail, but as Kofu will let them keep any money that’s left over, players should try to spend as little as possible.

How to Beat Kofu at the Cascarrafa Gym


Kofu only has three Pokemon, with all three of them being weak to Grass & Electric-type attacks. Veluza & Wugtrio should be fairly easy to take down, with players able to tear through their HP pretty effectively simply by attacking weakness. Tera Crabominable is a bit more challenging though as its Crabhammer attack can hit pretty hard.


To get around this, players should attempt to paralyze Crabominable early on with a move like Spark or Pikachu’s Static ability, which has a chance to cause paralysis on contact. Magnemite’s Sturdy Ability can Approach in pretty h&y too, as it all but guarantees that the Pokemon will be able to get in at least two attacks, which should be more than enough to take down Crabominable.


Upon his defeat, Kofu will h& over ₽5,400 & the Cascarrafa Gym badge. Assuming that players have been following the optimal gym order for Scarlet & Violet, this badge will make Pokemon up to level 40 much easier to catch & will also ensure that they always obey comm&s. Players will also get TM022, Chilling Water: a new Water-type move that calculates damage using the Special Attack stat. They’ll then be introduced to another member of the Elite Four, after which, they’ll be free to leave & can make the short trip north to the Medali Gym.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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