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How to Beat Ryme (Montenevera Gym Guide)


Assuming they’re following the optimal gym order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Montenevera Gym will be the sixth step on players’ paths toward Victory Road. It’s way up in the Glaseado Mountain in the northeastern part of the Paldea region, so players may want to think about upgrading their Legendary Pokemon before their visit there so that they’re able to climb the mountain rather than follow the path.

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Regardless of how players get there, they should be prepared to take on a team of terrifying Ghost-type Pokemon when they do, as that’s exactly what they can expect from the Montenevera Gym & its leader, Ryme. Thankfully, one of the Pokemon that can be found lurking on the outskirts of Montenevera is able to tear through Ryme’s team like wet tissue paper, turning what would otherwise have been a fairly challenging battle into a leisurely walk in the park.

How to Prepare for the Montenevera Gym


Given that players will primarily be up against Ghost-type Pokemon, they have a few different options when it comes to preparing for the Montenevera Gym. A Normal-type Pokemon with Ghost or Dark-type attacks can work very well if players already happen to have one, but the best strategy for the Montenevera Gym revolves around Sneasel, which players will be able to find w&ering around on the slopes near the northern entrance to Montenevera not far from the Pokemon Center.


Players should catch themselves a couple of Sneasel & level them up to level 42 (they should already be around level 40 when caught), as it’s at this point that they’ll be able to learn the Dark-type move, Beat Up. Beat Up hits the opposition once for each Pokemon the player has in their team, meaning that with a full party, it will hit six times providing none of the player’s team has been knocked out. This alone is enough to one-shot (well, technically, six-shot) all but one of the Pokemon that players will be facing during the Montenevera Gym test & the subsequent battle with Ryme.

How to Complete the Montenevera Gym Test (Warm Up the Audience for Ryme’s Concert!)


The Montenevera Gym test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet takes the form of three consecutive doubles battles. The first is against Tas, who has a Greavard & a Shuppet, both of which are at level 40. After that, players will take on a musician named Lani, who has a level 40 Misdreavus & a level 40 Haunter. Finally, players will have to beat MC Sledge himself.


MC Sledge has a level 40 Drifblim & a level 40 Sableye, both of which, like the previous four Pokemon, can be taken out easily pretty using Beat Up. Players will get a total of ₽16,800 for beating all three opponents ( ₽5,600 per trainer), after which, they’ll be able to battle Ryme by returning to the Montenevera Gym & speaking with the lobby staff there.

How to Beat Ryme at the Montenevera Gym


Much like the previous six Pokemon, three of Ryme’s team can be taken out with a single use of Beat Up, including her Tera Pokemon, Toxtricity. Mimikyu will need to be dealt with using two attacks though on account of its disguise. Strictly speaking, Metal Claw (assuming one of the two Sneasel still has access to it) is the most effective way of taking it down, though Beat Up is the best attack to use first on account of it hitting six times.


Tempting though it may be, players should refrain from using Hone Claws to boost their attack (again, assuming they didn’t have Sneasel forget it to make room for Beat Up), as the crowd’s cheering will do that for them as the battle goes on. Terastallizing Sneasel is fairly pointless too, as the Tera type of a wild Sneasel will usually be Ice rather than Dark, meaning that Terastallizing will actually make Beat Up weaker rather than stronger.


Once all of Ryme’s Pokemon have been defeated, she’ll h& over the Montenevera Gym badge, which, assuming players are following the optimal gym order in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet​​​​​​, makes it easier for players to catch Pokemon up to level 50 & ensures that they’ll always obey. Ryme will also give players ₽7,560 & TM114, Shadow Ball. After a brief conversation with Hassel, players can make their way back down the mountain & head southwest toward Alfornada Gym & its Psychic-type leader, Tulip.

Given how close they are to the Glaseado Gym & how far away Alfornada is from Montenevera, some players may opt to tackle the Ice-type Gym Leader Grusha before taking on Tulip. This is fine, though players should keep in mind that Grusha’s team is slightly stronger than Tulip’s in terms of levels (level 44/45 vs level 47/48).

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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