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How to Beat Tulip (Alfornada Gym Guide)


Though Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allow players to take on gym leaders in whatever order they like, there is a preferred gym order of sorts based on the levels of each Gym Leader’s Pokemon. On paper, the Psychic-type Gym Leader Tulip is the second strongest Gym Leader in the game, which is why Alfornada Gym is typically the seventh gym that most players choose to visit during their playthrough.

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Alfornada can be found to the southwest of the Paldea region not too far away from the Cortondo Gym & its Bug-type Gym Leader, Katy. Unlike Katy’s team, Tulip’s Psychic-Type Pokemon can be a real h&ful should players head to the gym unprepared, though by exploiting their weakness to Bug, Dark, & Ghost-type attacks, players shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating & earning their seventh badge.

Assuming that this is the seventh gym that players are taking on, Nemona will turn up & challenge them to a battle when they first enter the lobby. She has a level 42 Lycanroc, a level 42 Sliggoo, & a level 42 Pawmot, as well as her starter Pokemon, which is now at level 43.

How to Prepare for the Alfornada Gym


Assuming players opted to pick up a Sneasel or two for the battle with Ryme at the Montenevera Gym, they’ll already be in pretty good shape for the battle with Tulip. This is because Beat Up will once again be incredibly effective, as will any other Dark-type moves for that matter. Assuming they’ve evolved them to their final forms, those who chose Fuecoco or Sprigatito as their starter Pokemon are also in luck thanks to them having Dark & Ghost secondary typings respectively.


Speaking of Ghost-type Pokemon, it’s not a Rotten idea to pick up a Haunter for the Alfornada Gym, though there is a better option available. If players catch themself a Greavard & evolve it into Houndstone, it will learn the move Last Respects when it evolves. This powerful Ghost-type attack does more damage based on how many unconscious Pokemon players have in their team, so it’s worth keeping it in reserve as a last resort of sorts. It’s important to note, however, that Ghost-type Pokemon alone will not be enough to take down Tulip, as her Farigiraf is a Normal/Psychic-type & thus completely immune to Ghost-type attacks.

How to Complete the Alfornada Gym Test (Take on Emotional Spectrum Practice!)


The Alfornada Gym test requires players to push a button depending on the symbol shown on the screen. Players can press the button once, multiple times, or, as it turns out, not at all, as it seems that they’ll end up passing regardless of what they do (at least at the time of writing, anyway). As a result, the fastest way to complete the gym test is to set the controller down & do absolutely nothing at all during the ESP sections.


There are two rounds of ESP, with players having to defeat a Psychic-type trainer in battle after each one. The first trainer, Emily, has a level 43 Gothorita & a level 43 Kirlia, while the second, Rafael, has a level 43 Grumpig, a level 43 Medicham, & a level 43 Indeedee. Players should be able to take out all five Pokemon fairly easily with a Beat Up Sneasel & will receive ₽12,040 upon doing so (₽6,020 from each trainer).

How to Beat Tulip at the Alfornada Gym


Sneasel should be able to deal with Tulip’s first Pokemon single-h&edly, but Gardevoir will likely take it out with a single use of Dazzling Gleam if players fail to deplete its HP on their first turn (Sneasel should be faster, allowing players to get in one attack before Gardevoir acts). At this point, players can switch to another Sneasel to finish off Gardevoir if they have one & then quickly deal with Espathra using the same strategy.


As with Gardevoir before it, Tera Florges will be able to one-shot Sneasel (or just about any Dark-type Pokemon, for that matter) using Dazzling Gleam, but not before Sneasel has shaved about 90% off of its HP bar with Beat Up. Providing the player’s next Pokemon has a base speed stat of 76 or higher, they should be able to swap in a new Pokemon & finish the fight off pretty quickly, even if they’re not attacking weakness this time around.


Upon her defeat, Tulip will h& over ₽8,100 in prize money & the Alfornada Gym badge. Assuming it’s their seventh, this badge will make it easier for players to catch Pokemon up to level 55 & will also ensure that they always obey instructions during battle. She’ll also h& over TM120, Psychic. Upon their return to the lobby, players will be introduced to another member of the Elite Four, after which, it’s time to head north again for the Glaseado Gym & its Ice-type Gym leader, Grusha.

If players haven’t already, it may be worth heading north to the Asado Desert & defeating the Quaking Earth Titan that can be found there. Doing so will allow players to fly to previously visited Pokemon Centers, meaning that they can fly back over to the Montenevera Gym & then make the short trip over to Glaseado from there.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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