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How to Get the Master Ball


There are a bunch of different Poke Balls that trainers can use in mainline Pokemon games, like the Net Ball, which can increase the odds of capture for Water & Bug-type Pokemon; there’s the Timer Ball that works better the longer the battle has gone on, & then there are super rare types of Poke Balls like the Master Ball, which is available to obtain in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

What Does the Master Ball Do?

What makes the Master Ball so special in the Pokemon universe is that it has the capability to catch any single Pokemon without fail. This means that players can encounter any Pokemon in the Paldea region, be it one of the legendaries or a simple Pikachu, & throw the Master Ball at it to capture it successfully.


It doesn’t even matter if the Pokemon is weakened or if it’s at a really high level — the Master Ball can do it all, hence the name.

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How to Get the Master Ball

The only way for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players to get a Master Ball is to beat the entire game & then speak to Director Clavell at the university. He will gift it to players for defeating the “final boss” of the main story, which requires players to defeat every Titan, Team Star Base, & Gym Leader. There’s no specific order players need to follow, but there is an ideal path for those that want to tackle the challenges by their difficulty level.

director clavell giving trainer master ball scarlet violet pokemon

Can You Get More Master Balls?

Unlike the other types of Poke Balls in the Paldea region, there is only one Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Players will not be able to buy any from a shop or collect them from searching the overworld. While there are several duplication glitches out in the wild that fans are sharing with each other, the methods used won’t be shared in this guide.

However, for those interested, they can check out this YouTube video from easynow. Just remember that The Pokemon Company will more than likely release patches/updates for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that can make dupe glitches disappear.

What Pokemon Should You Catch with the Master Ball?

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s up to the player to decide which Pokemon they should use the Master Ball on, but we recommend saving it for one of the legendaries. These are always going to be harder to catch than the basic wild Pokemon, so try to save the ball for something like Miraidon/Koraidon or one of the four Ruinous Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch.


Q: How do you get the Master Ball?

Complete all story paths, finish the epilogue, & then speak to Director Clavell at the academy.

Q: What does the Master Ball do?

The Master Ball can catch any Pokemon without fail.

Q: Can I get more Master Balls?

There is only one Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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