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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Larry May be the Darkest Trainer in Franchise History


Looking in the mirror isn’t always easy, & games often reflect the reality of the world around them. Many may argue there’s not that much depth to kid-friendly games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet like that, & they would be right most of the time. However, there are plenty of characters in this latest entry that reflect the real world around them. Gym Leader Iono, for example, is a perfect representative of the ongoing emphasis on streamer culture, Gym Leader Ryme focuses on the aging population of hip-hop’s glory days, & even the Team Star & Path of Titans storylines in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet deal with bullying & growing up with an absentee parent.


There is one common factor among Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Gym Leaders & Elite Four, however, that is a concerning reflection of modern times. For the most part, these are overshadowed by the character’s personality or specific quirks, but gym leader Larry pushes this to the forefront. Because of his personality, Larry quickly became a fan-favorite character in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet…but the beneath the surface, the reason for that is very dark.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Larry: Two Jobs, No Fun, Burnt-Out Adult

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It may take a few Gym Leaders, but fans are going to realize quickly that most Gym Leaders & Elite Four members work two jobs, as their occupation—the best Pokemon trainers in the Paldea region—apparently cannot provide enough on its own. That’s right, being a Pokemon trainer is not a lucrative career even at its height. In the case of Grusha, he has at least retired from snowboarding before becoming a Gym Leader, but his fame there gives him some cushioning.

Aside from their Pokemon occupation, Katy is a Baker, Brassius is an Artist focused on architecture, Iono is a streamer, Kofu is a chef, Ryme is an older hip-hop artist, & Tulip is a fashion influencer. Per the Elite Four, Hassel is also a teacher (a well-known underpaid profession), Rika must double as the Interview Exam Proctor, & Poppy is a child (in…Pokemon Scarlet & Violet where being an Elite Four member or Gym Leader is treated as an occupation).

Now, one could argue this away as a game logic, but that can be said of any game. Some may instead argue that these jobs are also passions, but that’s where Larry comes in to undercut every argument. Larry is perpetually tired & burned out, trying to manage both his jobs. He is the Normal-type Gym Leader, as well as the Flying-type Elite Four. He is constantly complaining about his jobs, citing the player’s strength as a reason he can’t have a Fracture at his job & introducing his second job with a very powerful “unfortunately.” But the most telling moment is when players beat him in his gym, & he gives them the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TM for Facade.

Larry mentions how he hopes the player character, & in turn the player themselves, never end up taking after the namesake of the move. “Facade” means “an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.” Now, Larry’s outward appearance is certainly not a facade, but his statement draws into question every single one of his co-workers, their facades, & the implications of a world where training Pokemon is a profession. It’s a criticism of growing up, of having to maintain appearances, & perhaps a criticism of all those who must keep up smiles while working two jobs.

Larry’s burnt-out personality may make him endearing, but thinking too long about the implications of his words & actions make Pokemon Scarlet & Violet much darker games than many would initially think.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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