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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Miss Out on a Chance to Make Lucario Shine

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bring plenty of new critters to collect, including the cute starters, the mountable legendaries, & Pokemon number 1000. The games also reintroduces fan favorites such as Lucario. Unfortunately, most of these Pokemon haven’t been modernized the way they could have been, as Lucario would have greatly benefited from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s new walking evolution mechanic.

In both the anime & the games, Lucario has been depicted as a very loyal Pokemon. This aspect of the critter could have been further highlighted by the walking evolution mechanic that has Pokemon evolve by keeping them outside their Pokeball. Despite this, Lucario is still a great Pokemon to add to any team.


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Lucario the Loyal Fighter

Introduced in Gen 4, Lucario is a bipedal Fighting/Steel Pokemon. In Pokemon X & Y, Lucario gets the spotlight, as the critter is used to showcase the new Mega Evolution mechanic. Using Lucarionite, players can Mega Evolve Lucario, turning it into a team member that is a threat to any competitor. Players gain a Lucario from Korrina after it takes a liking to the player’s aura. This isn’t unexpected, as Lucario is said to be able to sense the auras of humans.

Within the games, players evolve Riolu into Lucario by raising its Friendship stat. This can be done in a few ways, including by keeping it in the leading spot of the party, feeding it, & not letting it faint in battle. Within the anime series, fans see Lucario’s loyalty through its close friendship with Ash. In Pokemon Journeys, Ash meets Lucario when it is still an Egg. When it hatches, Riolu takes a liking to Ash’s aura & chooses to be part of his team. From that moment onward, they are inseparable, & Ash raises it into a Lucario. It spends plenty of time outside its Pokeball, & it even grows jealous of Pokemon that get too close to its Trainer.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s New Evolution Methods

Lucario in a stadium in the Pokemon anime

Among several other new features such as Pokemon picnics, Scarlet & Violet also bring new evolution methods. One of the most interesting ones is the new walking evolution mechanic which is made possible thanks to the “Let’s Go” mechanic that allows a player’s primary Pokemon to roam freely. If certain Pokemon walk a thous& steps outside their Pokeballs, they will evolve. So far, this applies to Pawmo, Rellor, & Bramblin who evolve into Pawmot, Rabsca, & Brambleghast respectively. The mechanic makes sense for Pawmo who is a Pikachu clone. It is also fitting for Rellor, who resembles a dung beetle rolling a dung ball, & Bramblin, who resembles tumbleweeds.

Lucario’s evolutionary line would have been a great c&idate for the new walking evolution mechanic. Having players walk around with Riolu would encourage players to spend time & bond with the Pokemon, stressing how loyal & affectionate toward its Trainer the creature is. It also doesn’t hurt that both Riolu & Lucario are both great-looking Pokemon that deserve to always be admired.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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