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Pokemon Scarlet’s Paradox Pokemon Have One Major Weakness Compared to Violet’s


With a total of 103 new pocket monsters added to the franchise through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Gen 9 players have plenty of options to choose from to form interesting teams or simply to test effective strategies for competitive battles as they wait for the official ruleset. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Garganacl is one of the best Pokemon in Gen 9 for many reasons, for example, including the fact that it has an incredibly powerful signature Ability & an exclusive move that counters Water & Steel-types, which are normally effective against Rock. Another example comes from Glimmora, which is a hybrid support & special attacker Pokemon that gains access to great defensive & offensive moves alike.


This becomes all the more efficient alongside its Toxic Debris Ability, which generates toxic spikes on the opponent’s side of the field whenever Glimmora is hit by physical moves. Even though many Gen 9 Pokemon are entirely new, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Paradox Pokemon is another very interesting concept that leans on the past versus future themes of the games to create special forms for returning critters. Most Paradox Pokemon are exceptionally strong in battle, & while Pokemon Scarlet‘s Roaring Moon is possibly the best of the bunch, Pokemon Violet‘s new forms have an advantage over the other version of the game.

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Why Pokemon Scarlet Has ‘Worse’ Paradox Pokemon Than Violet

Six of the Paradox Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are currently sixteen Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with the box Legendaries for Gen 9, Koraidon & Miraidon, being each part of their version-exclusive group. Out of the fourteen remaining Paradox Pokemon, Pokemon Scarlet includes three that have a major weakness compared to Pokemon Violet‘s exclusives, & that’s the fact that they are not fully evolved forms of their respective evolution lines. This includes Scream Tail, Flutter Mane, & S&y Shocks, which are respectively based on Jigglypuff, Misdreavus, & Magneton.

These are not the final stages of their respective evolution lines, with Jigglypuff normally evolving into Wigglytuff, Misdreavus evolving into Mismagius through a Dusk Stone, & Magneton evolving into Magnezone. While every Paradox Pokemon retains one of the original pocket monster’s types (or the only one available if they don’t have two, to being with), & while they have access to large move pools regardless, one can’t help but wonder what could have changed if Pokemon Scarlet‘s Paradoxes were fully evolved. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Bisharp is ironically better than Kingambit due to Eviolite, meaning that evolution is not always the best-case scenario, but the question still st&s.

For example, Magneton is normally a rather weak Pokemon, & Magnezone is far superior in possibly every aspect, including its move pool. As such, there’s a chance that S&y Shock’s move pool would have been designed differently if it was based on Magnezone rather than Magneton, & this could have made it a more reliable Pokemon to use. It’s worth noting that Flutter Mane was banned from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s competitive battles due to its imbalanced stat distribution, & while it remains a great critter, a Paradox form of Mismagius would have pleased far more fans.

This is also a weird case because Pokemon Violet, on the other h&, exclusively features Paradox Pokemon that are fully evolved or others that are based on critters that normally don’t evolve. There is also another discrepancy between the two versions, as Pokemon Violet features two pseudo-Legendary Paradox Pokemon as opposed to one for Pokemon Scarlet, namely Iron Thorns & Iron Jugulis for Violet, Roaring Moon for Scarlet. Ultimately, this distribution doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but it’s hard to tell whether things would have been different with homogeneous criteria.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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