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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reportedly Suffer From Performance Issues


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are having some problems at launch with players reporting multiple performance issues in different areas.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are reporting that the newest Pokemon games are experiencing some problems with performance. Before Pokemon Scarlet & Violet officially released, reviewers with early access are saying that they are experiencing some fairly significant problems while playing the new games.

The two newest games in the popular Pokemon franchise have been much anticipated, which is nothing out of the ordinary for the series. And while Scarlet & Violet are not the first Pokemon games to release on the Switch, they are the first traditional Pokemon games on the Switch to feature open-world gameplay & different paths that the player can choose. Earlier games in the franchise were more linear in nature. While there have been Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leakers, these early access reviewers are some of the first people to actually play the games.


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Multiple reviewers received early access to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet & reported that they experienced several gameplay bugs & performance issues. Some were relatively minor, like visual clipping & invisible Pokemon, while others were much more serious, like heavy frame rate drops or the games crashing. According to the writers, the major issues were infrequent & problems were mostly restricted to non-game-breaking graphical errors. It seems that a lot of this is due to the Switch’s inability to properly keep up with the performance requirements for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. These performance issues are likely a Enormous contributor to the low reviews for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

While Pokemon games are practically guaranteed to sell well, there is always some apprehension when a developer decides to make changes to a tried & true formula. This was demonstrable with the first open-world game in the Pokemon franchise, which was Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Arceus was generally well received, which boded well for Scarlet & Violet. These performance problems could put a serious wrench in the works, though, especially when combined with the surprisingly low reviews that the two newest additions to the franchise are receiving. The Pokemon Company has announced a 1.01 launch day update, but unfortunately, this patch did not fix the performance issues that players are experiencing.

Having such glaring problems Approach out so early in the games’ history is definitely not a great thing, & might hamper sales or cause some people to return their copies. There is a strong & well-established fanbase for the Pokemon franchise, though, & while these sorts of gameplay & graphical issues might put off some players. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have been waiting for a long time, so it’s unlikely that something like this will scare them off.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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