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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Falls Off Map


Following concerns about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet performance issues, a player shares a glitch where they accidentally falls off the map.


A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shared a hilarious clip where they accidentally fell off the map. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just launched, & some players have reported encountering performance issues & bugs during their gameplay.

After much anticipation on their launch, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are getting mixed reactions from players. While many seem to be excited about the Generation 9 Pokemon, initial reviews of the games showed multiple negative responses. As a result, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet became the lowest-rated games in the franchise.


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Months before the games’ launch, players have expressed concern over Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s performance struggles. Now, players have started to share their buggy gameplay on social media. One clip came from Twitter user KrakenMare77, where they fell through the ground after sliding off a cliff. They showed their character going underground, & even got the prompts that they arrived at Inlet Grotto & Poco Path. According to KrakenMare77, they managed to teleport back up after the incident.

Other players in the replies found the clip hilarious, with one sharing a similar experience where they fell off the map while riding their Koraidon. There were also players joking that KrakenMare77 could finally see what Digletts really look like underground. Meanwhile, some expressed their disappointment, noting that they’ve seen only negative reactions & buggy clips since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet came out.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were expected to be one of the biggest releases of this year. The trailers showcasing the new Generation 9 Pokemon & Paldea region, as well as merch reveals, excited fans in the months leading up to the launch. Even streaming platform Twitch joined in the fun & turned Lechonk into a global emote to celebrate the games’ release. So, it’s underst&ably disappointing to see the games’ issues upon launch. There also seems to be no word from Nintendo & Game Freak about possible fixes.

Despite the criticism, fans are still getting their h&s on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The #PokemonScarletViolet hashtag on Twitter is filled with screenshots from the game, which mostly include in-game selfies with various Pokemon. Many players are also showing love towards their chosen Pokemon starter, & sharing their gym victories. If Nintendo & Game Freak would address the games’ issues in the near future, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have the potential to be a fun experience for Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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