Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Frustrated With Shinies


Several Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are frustrated with the Gen 9 shinies compared to previous installments in the long-running franchise.


Since the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, many players have voiced their frustrations with the shiny Pokemon of Gen 9 compared to other generations. Shiny Pokemon were first introduced with Pokemon Gold & Silver, & since then, each generation has exp&ed the lineup of Pokemon shinies, with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shinies causing a divide in the community.

Reddit user IWentRogue is among many Pokemon fans that aren’t impressed by the shiny Pokemon introduced with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet because of Game Freak’s design choices. Beyond retaining shiny Pokemon & Pokemon raids from previous installments in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet also introduced Terastallized Pokemon as its primary gimmick, which replaced Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s Dynamax & Gigantamax Pokemon. Like with Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area, shinies in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have indicators prior to battle that alert the trainer that they’re special, but many players think that more indications may be necessary.


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The shiny Pokemon that IWentRogue points to in their Pokemon Scarlet & Violet post as lackluster designs are Charcadet, Staravia, Sunkern, & Maushold. Though the Sunkern & Charcadet have small noticeable details like the stripes on Sunkern’s face & Charcadet’s glowing eyes, Staravia & Maushold have almost no visible differences between the st&ard & shiny versions. According to IWentRogue, Game Freak should add a sparkle or other visual indicator to Pokemon like Staravia & Maushold in order for Pokemon fans to easily distinguish a shiny from the others, which may help other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players as well.

Contrary to the terminology, many shiny Pokemon have unique characteristics which visibly distinguish them from their st&ard alternative, but some Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have suggested that there aren’t enough of these with Gen 9 shinies. When the average shiny Pokemon differs from its usual design, it has a drastic color swap like Eevee’s change from brown to white or the normally orange Charizard turning a shade of charcoal. Garnering over 3,000 Reddit upvotes, IWentRogue has also gotten the opinions of some of the millions of early Pokemon Scarlet & Violet adopters.

While many Pokemon fans agreed with IWentRogue about some of the Gen 9 shiny Pokemon being underwhelming, others noted Pokemon like Blissey, Taurus, Tatsugiri, Wattrel, & Floette as other disappointing designs. As a few colorblind Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans expressed their difficulties with telling many shiny & non-shiny Pokemon apart, some long-time fans of the franchise pointed out that the lackluster shinies aren’t a new phenomenon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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