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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Prove the Pokemon World is Immune to Inflation


Even after 9 generations of Pokemon games, the iconic Poke Ball is still consistently available at the price of just 200 Pokedollars in every region.


Even after 9 generations of Pokemon games as of the latest entries, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, many fans have noticed that the price of the st&ard Poke Ball has consistently remained at 200 Pokedollars across every region for more than 25 years. Alongside such a stable economy, a long list of benefits such as universally free healthcare, gyms, & education proves that the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet would seem to be a very comfortable one to live in.


The freshly-released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games have been especially popular since their launch on Friday, dominating social media for more than a few reasons. The Generation 9 Pokemon titles have received widespread criticism due to the poor state of the game at launch, with a barrage of performance issues & glitches taking fans by surprise. That said, many players have expressed just how much they’re enjoying the new games in spite of their flaws, with some fans going as far as to claim that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet represent their favorite Pokemon games so far.

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As players have set out on their ambitious journeys around the vast but questionably-textured Paldea region, a few Pokemon enthusiasts in a Reddit thread created by TheJesterOfHyrule have taken the chance to point out how even now, prices for most items in the Poke-Mart have remained the same over all these years. Since apparently every region within the wonderful world of Pokemon uses the same universal currency, & items such as the Poke Ball have suffered no change in price, fans are confident that the Pokemon world boasts an economy that is completely immune to inflation. Not only that, but universally free healthcare, affordable & available housing, environmentally-friendly cities, & many other examples set a st&ard that the real world should aim for too.

As ideal as living in the world of Pokemon would appear to be, it’s safe to say that many aspects of it don’t make much sense. For example, Pokemon fans have long been asking questions such as where all the non-trainer schools are, why do most houses have fewer beds than the number of people living in them, & perhaps most pressing, why does every Pokemon Center in the world have identical staff?

On top of all that, most fans will surely agree that the real world could do without all the evil groups looking to kick off apocalyptic events in the world of Pokemon. While the many rich regions of the Pokemon world might look much more appealing than their real-life counterparts, fans wishing to embark on journeys with their own Pokemon will just have to settle for doing so in a virtual space.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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