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All Purple Stake Locations to Open Grasswither Shrine & Catch Wo-Chien


There are over 30 mysterious stakes stuck in the ground in different spots over the Paldea region. There are four sets of colors of stakes, & by collecting each set, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can face off against up to four Legendary Pokemon.

This guide will show Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players how to find all eight Purple Stakes so they can unlock the Grasswither Shrine to get an encounter with the Grass/Dark-type, Wo-Chien.

These Purple Stakes can be collected in any order, & they will be located in the south/southeastern section of the Paldea map. Getting to all the stakes can be challenging unless players fully upgrade their Ride Pokemon by completing the Titan Pokemon missions. We recommend getting at least four of the five Titans done with before grabbing the eight purple stakes.

Purple Stake 1

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 1 location

This Purple Stake in the ground can be found at the top of a mountain’s waterfall that lies not too far northwest of the Poco Path Lighthouse & south/southwest of the Los Platos (East) Pokemon Center. The image above shows its location on the map & its actual spot in the Paldea region.


Purple Stake 2

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 2 location

This Purple Stake is on a not-so-tall cliff that sits just east of the Los Platos (East) Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 3

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 3 location

Climb to the top of the highest peak just east of the Mesagoza (South) Pokemon Center. It’s in South Province Area Five.

Purple Stake 4

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 4 location

This Purple Stake can be found on a cliff just on top of where the Grasswither Shrine is located. Look along the coast south of the South Province (Area Five) Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 5

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 5 location

Look on top of a cliff by the side of the river, just a little bit south of the Mesagoza East Gate.

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Purple Stake 6

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 6 location

This Purple Stake is on a mountaintop just northeast of Mesagoza (East Gate). It’s also west of the South Province (Area Three) Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 7

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 7 location

In our playthrough, we were able to get close to this stake by jumping off the South Province (Area Three) Watchtower & flying straight north.

Purple Stake 8

pokemon scarlet violet purple stake 8 location

Look on top of the cliff right next to the Artazon (West) Pokemon Center.

What Happens When All the Stakes Are Pulled?

Once all eight of the purple stakes are pulled out of the ground, players will hear a mysterious Weep coming from a shrine. The noise is coming from the Grasswither Shrine, where Wo-Chien is found.

Where’s the Grassswither Shrine?

The Shrine is in the southeastern corner of the Paldea region, tucked away in South Province (Area One). For an exact location, check out the image below:

grasswither shrine pokemon scarlet violet

grasswither shrine pokemon scarlet violet

Wo-Chien Fight

Upon reaching the shrine, players will get to encounter the Legendary Pokemon, Wo-Chien. The Pokemon is Grass/Dark-type & will be level 60, so make sure to Approach prepared with a strong team & a lot of Ultra Balls.

wo chien pokemon scarlet violet

Wo-Chien has these moves in its arsenal:

  • Foul Play (Dark-type move that deals 95 base damage)
  • Giga Drain (Sucks opponent’s life & heals itself)
  • Power Whip (Grass-type move that deals 120)
  • Ruination (Deals damage equal to half of the target Pokemon’s current life)

If players black out & lose to Wo-Chien, they can go back to the shrine to battle it again, but it seems that they’ll need to wait some time before doing so.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.


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