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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Regional Tauros Was Needed, But Three Is Overkill


Ever since the very first trailers for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, fans have hoped to see either a regional form or evolution for Tauros. This bull-like Pokemon, which has been around since the very first generation of games, was seen by many to be a perfect fit for the Spain-inspired Paldea region. When Pokemon Scarlet & Violet released, however, fans were surprised to find that not one but three regional Tauros variants were present in the game. While some enjoyed this decision, others felt that it was overkill, & that a single Paldean Tauros was all that Scarlet & Violet needed.


The Paldea region draws inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula, the real-world area which contains both Spain & Portugal. Because of this, fans were hoping to see Pokemon drawing inspiration from animals & legends present in that area of the world, such as the Iberian lynx, the Rooster of Barcelos, or the story of Don Quixote. Because of Spain’s history of both bullfighting & other bull-related events such as the Running of the Bulls, a Paldean Tauros variant was expected by many. While the three Paldean Tauros variants do pay homage to bullfight & Spanish bulls, their lackluster appearance & lack of variation is seen by some to make them unnecessary, especially given the general lack of regional forms present in Paldea.

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Paldean Tauros Draws Inspiration From Bullfighting

Pokemon Tauros & Spiritomb

Tauros the Wild Bull Pokemon is a Normal-type Pokemon introduced in the very first generation of Pokemon games. It is a brown bull-like creature with sharp horns & three tails that it uses to whip itself into a frenzy. In Pokemon Red & Blue, Tauros was found exclusively in the Safari Zone. Although Tauros is one of the original Pokemon & can be caught in most Pokemon games, it has never received an evolution or a regional form. Many fans predicted that the Generation 5 Pokemon Bouffalant would be a Tauros evolution, but this turned out not to be the case. However, Tauros was part of the Poke Ride system in Pokemon Sun & Moon, where it possessed the ability Tauros Charge.

Paldean Tauros draws visual inspiration from the Toro Bravo, an Iberian Peninsula native & the type of bull most commonly seen in bullfighting matches. It is black in color, with shorter, broader horns, a shaggier mane, & a generally Furious expression. Due to its connection to bullfighting, it is of course a Fighting-type Pokemon. It is one of the Generation 9 Pokemon with a new Hidden Ability, Cud Chew, which allows it to eat the same Berry twice during battle. Paldean Tauros is found very early in the game, & some Trainers have found it a solid addition to their team. This is not the case for the dual-type variants, which are rarer & can be frustrating to find.

The Paldean Tauros Variants Are Visually Similar

pokemon sword & shield tauros
pokemon sword & shield tauros max raid event

Two variants, known as Aqua Breed & Blaze Breed, are also present in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. They are dual Fighting/Water & Fighting/Fire-type Pokemon respectively. Fans were disappointed that Aqua & Blaze Breed did not visually differ from base or Combat Breed Paldean Tauros in any significant way. Aqua Breed has bubble-shaped horns & blue streaks in its mane, while Blaze Breed has red streaks in its mane & horns that are slightly longer. They are considered among the more visually boring of the Pokemon found in Paldea.

This is especially disappointing given that there is so much bull-related inspiration to draw from in the history or culture of the Iberian Peninsula. Instead of simply resembling bulls, Paldean Tauros could have taken visual cues from matadors (bullfighters), wearing hats or bearing red flags. They could have had a white & red color scheme inspired by the outfits worn by participants & spectators during the Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona. Some fans even brainstormed a heartbreaking & unique concept: an Furious Ghost-type Tauros that desires revenge on humans, inspired by the spirits of bulls who were killed in the bullfighting ring.

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The Variants Are Version-Exclusive And Quite Rare

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Not only are the Aqua & Blaze Breed Paldean Tauros variants fairly dull & uninspiring to look at, their rarity & version exclusive status make them quite a frustrating Pokemon to add to the Pokedex. Aqua Breed is found only in Pokemon Violet, & Blaze Breed is found only in Pokemon Scarlet. Both appear very rarely in only a few areas of the game: Area Three of the East Province, the very northern part of the Asado Desert, & the area directly surrounding the town of Zapapico. They most frequently spawn in the middle of herds of st&ard Fighting-type Tauros, making them hard to spot & catch due to their minimal appearance variations. Players who wish to complete the Pokedex might find themselves spending a lot of time trying to catch the rarer Tauros variant, & must trade with a friend or purchase both games to gain the other.

Another reason fans are disappointed by the presence of three fairly similar Paldean Tauros is the general lack of regional variant Pokemon in the Paldea region. Other than Tauros, the only Pokemon to receive a Paldean version is Wooper, which became a Poison/Ground-type Pokemon & gained a new evolution in the form of Clodsire. While this was somewhat mitigated by the presence of Pokemon such as Wiglet, which resemble older Pokemon & represent the phenomenon of “convergent evolution,” some fans are still disappointed by the small number of regional forms in Paldea compared to Alola, Galar, & even Hisui.

Overall, the reception to Paldean Tauros has been mixed. Some fans are simply happy that Tauros at last received a regional variant, while others feel that the three variants are overkill & dislike how visually similar they are. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is rumored to be receiving DLC, & this mixed reception may improve if more Pokemon are given Paldean variants in said DLC rather than just Wooper & Tauros. Until then, Paldean Tauros & its variants will likely remain one of the more controversial additions to the Generation 9 Pokemon games.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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