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Infographic Explains Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny Rates


Catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is rare, & this Infographic explains just how low the rates are out in the wild.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Capturing A Shiny Pokemon

Every trainer quickly learns that finding shiny Pokemon out in the wilds of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a rare occurrence, but a new infographic details just how low the odds of discovery really are. Now that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is out & in players’ h&s, the hunt for the rarest Pokemon has begun in earnest, with shiny variations the crown jewel in any Pokedex.The infographic created by a Pokemon fan also helps with simple tips to increase the odds of finding shiny Pokemon.


Shiny Pokemon are variations with different coloring from the Pokemon’s base form. Introduced in Generation 2 with Pokemon Gold & Silver, avid Pokemon trainers consider shiny variants to be the most prized Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon hunting tips, tricks, & theories are common in fan groups with the most effective methods usually involving multiple steps before collecting even one shiny Pokemon.

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The infographic shared on Reddit by user BoltexGaming breaks down the discovery rates for finding shiny Pokemon & how trainers can influence the rates to increase their odds. Rates were calculated using a Shiny Charm, Sparkling Power level 3, & clearing 60+ Pokemon during a mass outbreak. A further breakdown shows each combination of the three factors & how they increase the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon. Even the best odds of finding a shiny variant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are low, though hopefully it will not take 14 years to find a particular shiny Pokemon.

According to BoltexGaming’s chart, the best possible rate is 1/512 utilizing all three factors. Base odds of 1/4096 are the same as in previous games, but the improved odds with all three factors activated works to a reported four shiny Pokemon each hour. In order to get started, trainers will need to hunt down Herba Mystica by defeating 5-star Titan Pokemon raids & then make s&wiches with three herbs as the ingredient. Consuming the resulting s&wich will then trigger mass outbreaks to spawn, & after defeating 60 Pokemon, the shiny rate should be maximized.

Trainers reacting to the infographic on Reddit pointed out that this shiny rate is only applicable for wild encounters & has no impact on raids. Other trainers were happy for the simple, informative breakdown making the often difficult process of shiny collecting a little easier. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans will, as with past games in the franchise, continue developing faster & more effective collection methods as time goes on. While hunting for their own shiny Pokemon, trainers can admire Unbelievable fan art of shiny Pokemon Scarlet & Violet variations.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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