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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s T&emaus Has Weird Way of Evolving


Fans find that one of the new Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet known as T&emaus seems to evolve at r&om.


One of the many new Pokemon that can be found in the vast Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet appears to have an unusual – but adorable – method of evolving. The freshly-released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has introduced many new characters & Pokemon for players to meet, while also seizing the attention of social media for a mix of reasons.

The hotly-anticipated Generation 9 titles finally hit the shelves yesterday, letting players loose on their adventures around the br&-new Paldea region. While the hype has steadily been building up to the highest level among fans over the past few weeks, a lot of players were surprised to face an unprecedented scale of glitches & performance issues when setting out on their first playthroughs. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s bugs have ranged from player models transforming into huge & terrifying monsters to players clipping into areas where they ultimately softlock themselves.


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Bugs aside however, many fans are enjoying the game so far & have made some neat discoveries during their travels. One strange new Pokemon in particular has captured the attention of quite a few players due to its odd evolution behavior. The adorable Pokemon known as T&emaus, an adorable little mouse-like creature – or rather, a pair of them – is a normal-type Pokemon that was first seen by fans in one of the trailers for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet some time ago. The cute duo appears to resemble some sort of h&made doll, & has been found to evolve into Maushold at level 25 without the evolution being telegraphed at all.

T&emaus & Maushold from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

That’s right, T&emaus’ evolution has no animation whatsoever. Instead, players can check on their Pokemon to find a Maushold in its place, who’s physical appearance is only different due to the addition of up to two smaller T&emaus’ alongside the original two. While many players might find this confusing, perhaps assuming that the lack of evolution animation is simply the result of yet another of Scarlet & Violet‘s bugs, its Pokedex entry simply states that “the little ones just appeared one day,” suggesting that this is actually by design. Its method of evolution implies that the original pair of T&emaus either adopted or produced the younger ones, with both possibilities being equally & incredibly adorable.

Further, fans have discovered that T&emaus can evolve into two forms of Maushold – either a family of three or a family of four, with the decided form apparently being completely r&om. Unfortunately, not every new Pokemon has been as well-received as T&emaus, with some of the latest Pokemon designs – paired with the current buggy state of the game – causing a significant amount of upset among the community on social media.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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