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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fan Shares A Video Of A Terryfying Glitch


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet are chock-full of glitches, & now a player shares a video of a hilarious but equally horrifying one.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fan Shares A Video Of A Terryfying Glitch

One Pokemon Scarlet And Violet fan has shared a clip showing a glitch that is initially funny, but quickly turns out to be quite terrifying. Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, possibly the most awaited Pokemon titles of the year, are finally available. Players can now explore the newly introduced region of Paldea & play with their favorite pocket monsters, including starters like Quaxly & Fuecoco & Legendaries like Koraidon & Miraidon – though they may run into some bugs during their journey.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have received a lukewarm response since launch, as even though the games seem poised to perform well on the commercial stage, their reception among critics & fans has been unsatisfactory. People have reported facing numerous technical & performance issues related to the frame rate, but the main concern in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is glitches. Fans have seen some truly bizarre bugs in the latest Pokemon games, & now a gamer has stumbled upon a hilarious but scary glitch.

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Twitter user strwbbbybun shared a clip showing the weird glitch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. As soon as the video begins, viewers can see there’s something wrong with one of the characters. Three in-game characters can be seen talking, but the one on the screen’s right side appears to have some sort of seizure. Said person is shaking their arms vigorously, with the left arm behind their back in a grotesque position. Suddenly, the shaking stops & the trainer freezes in their place, seemingly st&ing on one leg with their arms stretched out.

After staying in that position for a few seconds, the character slightly changes their posture & halts their movement again. Soon after, they correct their posture & st& like a regular person, suggesting the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet glitch has run its course. Sadly, it wasn’t true, as the following few seconds would reveal. The character says something about the nearby staircase & slides towards it, with their left arm rotating rapidly in an unorthodox fashion. They climb the first few stairs like this but eventually walk like a regular person.

As mentioned before, this weird glitch is among the several others that Pokemon Scarlet And Violet gamers have seen in their playthroughs. One player saw a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet glitch that transforms the trainer into a giant monster. Fans are underst&ably frustrated with these bugs that ruin the playing experience, but there is also some criticism about the game’s graphics. Gamers are comparing the graphics of the latest Pokemon games to PlayStation 1 titles that came out decades ago, showing that there are some Enormous flaws with the latest entry in the series.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch

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