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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Toedscool Line Walks a Thin Line Between New Form & a Reskin


Despite the fact that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have the largest Pokedex since Gen 5, with a whopping total of 103 critters in the base game, a good chunk of them are new designs based on existing pocket monsters from previous generations. An example comes from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Paradox Pokemon, which take a total of fourteen slots of the Paldean Pokedex with designs with ancient or futuristic themes for returning critters. Another strange gimmick for Gen 9 games was leaked months ago, & while there is no official name for it, the community commonly refers to it as “regional fakes” or “convergent species.”


There are not a lot of these Pokemon in Gen 9, however, & they only take up to four spaces in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Pokedex, with them being two different evolution lines based on Gen 1 critters. The first line is something players may already be familiar with from the October trailers, back when Wiglett was revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, leaving fans puzzled as to why it wasn’t simply a regional form of Diglett, which would have made sense. The second evolution line is that of Toedscool, a mushroom-like Pokemon based on Tentacool from Kanto, which unlike Wiglett leaves even less room for a new gimmick because it’s basically a differently-colored Tentacool.

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Why Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Toedscool Should Have Been a Regional Form

pokemon bdsp tentacool location

The main thing Toedscool has going for itself is that it doesn’t float in the water like its Kantonian counterpart, but it actually st&s on two tentacle-like legs that are exactly the same as the base form’s, with the difference that this Pokemon st&s upright & even runs around. While seeing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Toedscool running around can be quite hilarious, it doesn’t mean that it makes sense for Game Freak to make a new critter that’s actually a reskin of an old one.

Fans could argue that critters like Alolan Vulpix & Hisuian Samurott don’t look too different from their base forms as well, & even though that’s correct, they still have some different characteristics, such as curly hair for the former & different blades for the latter. In the case of Toedscool, the differences are in the way it walks & runs compared to Tentacool swimming & its color palette, which sports earthy tones to match its Grass & Ground dual type. Speaking of the type, while Pokemon Scarlet & Violet include more interesting type combos, Grass & Ground are the opposite types for Tentacool’s Water & Poison, further exp&ing on this convergent species theory.

Much like the main difference between Toedscool & Tentacool is the fact that the former walks & has different colors on its body, its evolution behaves quite similarly. Toedscruel is once again l& Tentacruel, in the sense that it walks around on its tentacles that are now more akin to roots, & it has darker tones to match its Grass & Ground-type. However, in this case, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet do feature a significant change in terms of appearance by removing Tentacruel’s beak-like appendages on its head, replacing them with a siphon of sorts.

This is probably meant to represent the way Toedscruel uses moves like Giga Drain on its targets, & it’s enough of a change to make it st& out compared to its pre-evolution. Still, the point st&s about how these Pokemon are more like reskins of existing critters than entirely new pocket monsters, with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Pokedex insists on stating, whereas calling them regional forms would have been the more sensible solution. Overall, while Toedscool & Toedscruel are not Depraved in the game, they do pose questions about what it means to introduce new Pokemon that are not exactly that.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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