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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Lechonk Becomes Twitch Emote


Twitch joins the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launch celebration by including adorable Normal-type Pokemon Lechonk in its global emotes.


To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Twitch added a Lechonk global emote. Viewers of the streaming platform can use the emote while watching their favorite streamers, especially those who have started Pokemon Scarlet & Violet live on stream.

Lechonk, known as the “Hog Pokemon,” is a Normal-type Pokemon that’s often seen foraging for wild grass & berries. Its round body is made up of muscle that helps in its Thick Fat hidden ability, which can reduce damage from Fire & Ice. Lechonk’s name is comes from the Spanish word “lechon,” which translates to “suckling pig.” It’s fitting considering that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is set in a region based on Spain.


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Since being revealed back in June, Pokemon fans have fallen in love with Lechonk’s adorable appearance. Twitch seems to have the same sentiment, & decided to make the Hog Pokemon into a global emote. The streaming service teased the new addition on Twitter, asking followers what if they “hypothetically” made Lechonk into an emote. They revealed it hours later, instructing viewers to just type “Lechonk” to use it in chat.

Twitch viewers & Pokemon fans seem to love the Lechonk emote, with tweets showing them sending it in a stream chat. They can now use the Pokemon alongside popular emotes like “POG” & “kappa.” It’s uncertain whether it would be a permanent emote, but some people want Twitch to keep it forever. The Lechonk emote also comes at a perfect time as Twitch streamers start to play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. As of writing, the game’s category has almost 270,000 viewers & 30,000 followers — the numbers are expected to go up in the coming days.

The launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been met with some performance issues, & the games have also became the lowest-rated Pokemon games so far. But the hype for the game is still alive as players get their own copies. The excitement is valid considering that fans will be introduced to Generation 9 Pokemon, as well as navigate the new story while exploring Paldea region & beating the Gym Leaders.

Speaking of new Pokemon, players could finally see the official evolution lines of the Gen 9 creatures for themselves, even after many leaks. This includes Lechonk, who will evolve into Oinkologne, a Normal-type pig Pokemon that can either be male or female. It will be interesting how players would incorporate Lechonk & the other Pokemon into their lineups.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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