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What is the Secret Menu Item at Larry’s Gym? (Medali Gym Test Guide)


Back in the early days of Pokemon, those hoping to challenge a Gym Leader for a chance at claiming their badge would first need to battle a series of trainers in order to prove their worth. In more recent times, however, earning the right to take on a Gym Leader involves completing a special gym test, & this is once again the case in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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While most of the gym tests in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are incredibly simple, a few of them are a bit more involved. The Medali Gym trial definitely falls into the latter category, with players having to order a special menu item from a nearby eatery in order to be able to challenge Larry. Finding the special menu item the intended way can be a little time-consuming, though players can speed things up a bit if they know where to look.



The good news is that players don’t actually have to find all of the clues in-game, meaning that those with access to a Medali Gym test guide can simply head straight for the Treasury Eatery to place their order as soon as they’ve begun the trial. Upon their arrival there, they’ll need to speak with the server near the entrance & select the following options to complete the Medali Gym test & earn the right to take on Larry:

  • Grilled rice balls.
  • Medium serving.
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style.
  • Lemon.

How to Order the Secret Menu Item & Battle Larry


In order to find the answers for themselves, players will need to interact with several NPCs who are scattered around Medali. The first is the small child near the ice cream st&s, who, after being defeated in battle, will suggest that players look for the odd one out at the nearby st&s. Checking the menu at one of them will reveal a bunch of ice cream dishes as well as a portion of Grilled Rice Balls, which is the first clue that players will need in order to find the secret menu item.


Next, players should battle the male student near some benches to be told about a blue bird, which refers to a Squakabilly perched on another male NPC’s head. If players find this bird & wait for a little while, it will eventually shout out “Meedyum” (Medium). This is the serving size that players need to order. If they then beat the female student near the gym, she’ll suggest looking for a dark spot, so players should head down the nearby stairs to the amphitheater & interact with the metal grate. This will reveal the next clue for the gym test: Fire Blast.


Finally, players can make their way to the Treasury Eatery & speak with the office worker at the counter. He’ll let them know that Lemon is the best seasoning, after which, players will have everything that they need to place their order. They can then walk over to the server near the entrance & use the information that they’ve gathered to order the secret menu item, complete the Medali Gym test, & earn the right to battle Larry for their next gym badge.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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