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Pokemon Is Selling An Actual Slowpoke Sofa

The Pokemon Company partners with a sofa br& to bring to life an actual furniture piece based after the Water/Psychic Pokemon Slowpoke.

Despite all the news that Pokemon has been generating for the release of Scarlet & Violet, the company continues to put up new merch&ise for sale, including an actual sofa based on the design of the Water & Psychic-type Slowpoke. For fans who enjoy the iconic look & features of Slowpoke, it would likely be a plus to have the cute sofa in their own homes.

One of the popular Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region, Slowpoke is no stranger to being used in marketing materials for the Pokemon franchise. In 2021, a real-life mailbox in Japan was produced based on the Water/Psychic-type, while Slowpoke-themed manhole covers can also be found in certain parts of the region. Given that the Pokemon still has presence in recent titles such as Pokemon Sword & Shield, it is not surprising for The Pokemon Company to utilize its likeness to produce more official products & merch&ise.


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Partnering once again with Japanese furniture br& Cellutane, The Pokemon Company recently announced that a Slowpoke-themed sofa is now up for sale. The sofa’s design may look familiar to avid Pokemon fans as Cellutane is the same furniture br& that has produced a variety of Pokemon-themed sofas based on Ditto, Snorlax, Gengar, & Rowlet. However, this time, Cellutane’s focus is on Slowpoke & the br& has turned the Water/Psychic-type into an actual, usable soft-bead sofa. According to the website, the furniture item weighs around 8.75kg & measures 92 cm length x 101 cm width x 72 cm height.

To own the Slowpoke sofa, fans will have to shell out 28,400 yen or around $201 USD. The furniture piece can be purchased via Cellutane’s online shop & will be shipped in two pieces. However, the shop can only be purchased in Japan like many official Pokemon products & merch&ise. Unfortunately, there is no information if Cellutane ships internationally. Fans may have to wait for The Pokemon Company to offer the item outside of Japan or go through a proxy shopping service to get their h&s on the sofa.

Nevertheless, being able to say that they bought & own a Pokemon-themed furniture piece is definitely something that a fan can brag about, especially if it is of their favorite pocket creature. Hopefully the Pokemon fanbase will let The Pokemon Company know about their dem& for the Slowpoke-themed soft-bead sofa, & that the company will decide to bring more of its official products beyond the shores of Japan.

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