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Pokemon Squishmallows Are Available Now

The popular plush series Squishmallow introduces Pokemon versions to its lineup that are available online now for fans of the franchise to purchase.

Squishmallows, a trendy plush br&, has teamed up with Pokemon to release two new plush, & they are available now. For fans who may be familiar with this specific name br&, think of it as the new TY Beanie Babe but in a new & different form. Squishmallows hit the market in 2017 & has over 1000 characters in the lineup with names & stories precisely like Beanie Babies. The br& has also teamed up with other well-known entities like Disney to add to its impressive lineup. Their Pokemon line, however, will give fans of the franchise something new & adorable to display & collect.


Regarding collecting, some Squishmallows are so rare they can be worth way more than what they originally sold for, with some eager collectors willing to spend Enormous bucks on them. What makes these plush unique is their round design & how unusual designs. Pokemon plushies have been around for a long time, & the widest variety of them is sold through The Pokemon Center website. This new Pokemon collaboration was announced back in July & appears to have excited fans.

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The newest Pokemon Squishmallows are finally here, which feature series favorites Pikachu & Gengar. Interested gamers can snag these on the official Pokemon Center website, which retails for about $25 each. Each character is available in a 12-inch version & is limited to one per person. This effort on Pokemon‘s part could help prevent scalping. A recent example of this was seen with Pokemon cards. Last year scalpers snagged Pokemon Happy Meals preventing fans from getting the exclusive cards. For now, it seems Pokemon & Squishmallows are ensuring that genuine buyers are snapping up the adorable plush characters, not resellers.


Besides only Pikachu & Gengar being available for now, it was revealed that Snorlax would be purchasable next year in a second series. Perhaps more fan-favorite Pokemon will be available in Squishmallow form later on as well. Before this latest collaboration, Build-A-Bear & Pokemon had a longst&ing relationship, making it the go-to for Pokemon plush. Capitalizing on the popularity of the Squishmallow br& & Pokemon‘s popularity can likley only mean good things for collectors of both franchises.

With the most recent release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, perhaps Squishmallows will release products based on newer Pokemon somewhere down the line. It should prove a welcome distraction to fans who aren’t too thrilled with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s debut so far. For example, one fan created a video of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s funniest glitches for gamers to enjoy. Whatever is in store for this new Squishmallows Pokemon line, fans wanting to get their h&s on them should act fast, as they are already starting to sell out quickly.

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