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Pokemon Fan Draws Gorgeous Stained-Glass Art of Espeon


A Pokemon player showcases an Incredible piece of stained-glass artwork they drew that features the Psychic-Type Eeveelution Espeon.

Pokemon Espeon Art

A Pokemon fan creates awesome stained-glass style art of the Eeveelution Espeon. Fans of the RPG series have shown how creative they are over the years, producing Incredible pieces of art for all to enjoy. Pokemon art includes crochet dolls, custom figures, & various types of drawings & paintings featuring the creatures.

One style of artwork that fans have drawn is stained-glass art based on Pokemon. This type of drawing helps artists create Gorgeous pieces that have their own unique flair to them & incorporate an Incredible use of color. One gamer drew an Eeveelution in this manner, producing a piece that is Sparkling & st&s out.


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A Redditor named Cruseyd shared a drawing that they did of the Pokemon Espeon. The artwork is done to look like stained-glass & does a good job of capturing the pocket monster. The piece captures the creature with a Sparkling sun in the background, as well as trees & clouds surrounding it. A small border is drawn the image, which is made up of purple, orange & yellow. According to the artist, the piece was done in Photoshop. The art looks Incredible & is a style that could be utilized more by fans of the series.

This is not the only stained-glass style of art that Cruseyd has done. They drew Umbreon as well, which they stated was done during a flight across the United States. The piece features the Dark-Type Pokemon with a Sparkling crescent moon behind it, & also features long grass & dead trees surrounding it. Like the Espeon work, there is a border around the drawing, which is still purple, yellow, & orange, though the purple is much darker. Cruseyd also drew Articuno, which is shown flying over a pool of water inside a cave. The piece makes Incredible use of various blues & greens, which help the white plumage on the Pokemon’s chest st& out more. All the drawings are impressive & help show that there are multiple styles that can be utilized when creating artwork based on Pokemon.

Cruseyd did mention that they want to eventually draw all the Eeveelutions in the stained-glass style now that they have done Umbreon & Espeon. However, now that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are out, the artist stated that they might take some time to draw some of the newer pocket monsters. Either way, it will be interesting to see which direction that Cruseyd takes & which Pokemon they tackle in the future as their series of drawings continues.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch.

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