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Pokemon Unite Adds Sableye


Sableye is the new addition to Pokémon Unite that comes to strengthen the hall of supporters with high mobility & crowd control.

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Sableye is now available in Pokemon Unite. The character is the new representative of the supporter class, & debuts in Pokemon‘s rich mobile MOBA universe offering great mobility & crowd control for players.

Introduced in Gen 3 of the Pokemon games, Sableye is a small biped with a purple body & a red stone on its chest. It has sharp claws & teeth that it uses to dig into the ground, & its gem-like eyes allow it to see in the dark. Although it does not have an evolution in the original Gen 3 games, Sableye gained the ability to evolve into Mega Sableye with the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, which introduced Sablenite. Sableye’s arrival in Pokemon Unite was leaked a few months ago & was made official in early November. Now players can finally put fear in the hearts of their opponents with Sableye.


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Sableye is available in the in-game store for 575 Aeos Gems for the next few days, which means that only players willing to use real money will be able to play with the Pokemon. Starting November 23, the character’s Unite License will be sold for Aeos Coins, meaning that all players will be able to recruit the Pokemon to their roster. Sableye is already considered a strong opponent against Hoopa & Eldegoss, & not even Decidueye in his Pokemon Unite ninja skin will have an easy time against him.

Melee-type support, Sableye has an intermediate difficulty. Its skill kit allows you to stun & reduce enemies’ movement speed, be stealthy, give map vision, & even restore your own HP, making it a great ally for players who want to become pros in Pokemon Unite. Sableye starts with Thief, which can be evolved into Knock Off or Shadow Sneak, & Astonish, which can be evolved into Feint Attack or Confuse Ray. Sableye’s Unite Move is Chaos Glower, which is a powerful weapon for changing the course of team fights. With this ability, Sableye can paralyze enemies & force them back to base if they have direct contact with the ability. Opponents who do not have direct contact with Chaos Glower will suffer a temporary reduction in movement speed.

The release of Sableye in Pokemon Unite has been accompanied by criticism from players, who disagree with the current model of character release. Players have also criticized the price of licenses, which began costing more Aeos Coins after Tyranitar’s release. Despite this, the purchase of Unite Licenses is still free, as selling the licenses for Aeos Gems is just a way to speed up the unlocking of new Pokemon. Sableye’s arrival is great news for Gen 3 fans & main supporters, who will have a strong Pokemon at their disposal, which has already been considered Tier S for its ability to assist the team.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Android & iOS devices, & Switch.

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