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The Worst Type Combinations In The Series


With nearly 900 Pokemon having been introduced since Gen I, players have plenty of type combinations to choose from when building their teams. Some are incredibly strong, but not all of them are stellar. When a Pokemon takes on two types, it carries the resistances & weaknesses for both. Sometimes, they can cancel each other out — but if the types have a weaknesses in common, the Pokemon will take 4x the damage from those moves.

This leads to some dual-types being incredibly fragile. Some of these Pokemon can still be useful in battle, but others don’t even have good offensive coverage to make up for it. Regardless, players who use these combinations need to keep healing items on h&.

Updated November 23, 2022 by Demaris Oxman: Despite the Pokemon on this list boasting the weakest type combinations in the franchise, plenty of players may still want to have them on the team for one reason or another. Some may love the designs of these Pokemon & want to include them in their adventure. Others may simply be looking for a challenge, to take these supposedly weak Pokemon type combinations & turn them into fighting machines. For either reason, this list has been updated to include battle tips for ambitious Pokemon trainers who might seek to use these type combos in battle.

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9/9 Rock/Fighting


This combo l&s itself a spot as the best of the worst Pokemon type combos. While it does have seven weaknesses (the most that any Pokemon currently has), none of those weaknesses are 4x super effective. What’s more, the combination of Rock & Fighting-type moves allow the legendary Terrakion — the only Pokemon with this typing — to deal super-effective damage to eight different types.

Despite its decent offensive power, those who choose to use Terrakion must be wary in battle. Among its many weaknesses are three out of the five most common Pokemon types: Water, Grass, & Psychic. Trainers should be very careful when choosing what opponents to fight with a Rock/Fighting type.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances (50% damage): Normal, Bug, Fire, Poison, Rock, Dark
  • Weaknesses (200% damage): Water, Grass, Psychic, Ground, Steel, Fairy, Fighting

Battle Tips

Terrakion st&s poised to take super-effective damage from some very common attacks. As such, players might want to equip it with an HP-restoring item such as a Shell Bell or Leftovers, which can help it last long enough to dish out its strong moves. Send it up against Rock or Normal-types, & it’s likely to wipe the floor with them — just watch out for any sneaky Fighting-type moves.

8/9 Rock/Dark

Tyranitar in the anime

Tyranitar definitely looks dangerous, & its attacking power certainly isn’t to be underestimated. However, like Rock/Fighting, its weaknesses are numbered & very common. Fighting-type attacks spell doom for this typing, with 4x effectiveness. It’s weak to six other types as well, including some of the most common in the Pokemon world, such as Water & Grass.

As above, Dark typing gives this Pokemon an immunity to Psychic-type attacks. It also has good type coverage, making it a decent offensive choice. Defensively, though, Rock/Dark’s weaknesses outnumber its strengths. Considering the frequency of types that can annihilate this Pokemon compared to ones it resists (such as Ghost & Dark), if it weren’t for Tyranitar’s massive stats, it would be easy to wipe out.

Type Matchups

  • Immunities: Psychic
  • Resistances: Normal, Flying, Fire, Poison, Dark, Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Bug, Ground, Steel, Fairy
  • Double weaknesses: Fighting

Battle Tips

Although this type combination is weak in theory, the only Pokemon who currently has it — Tyranitar — is incredibly strong. A Rock/Dark type with weaker stats would be easy to destroy, but this pseudo-legendary is worthy of the title. Its Attack is huge, & its defensive stats mean that it can tank even 2x effective hits easily. Players should still make sure to watch out for Fighting-type attacks, though. Consider giving Tyranitar a Chople Berry to lessen the damage from these moves.

7/9 Ice/Psychic

jynx pokemon anime

This type combination makes Pokemon like Jynx into glass cannons. Though they can be effective if used strategically, Ice/Psychic types’ long list of weaknesses & measly two resistances mean that they’re very easy to take out in one or two hits. They can have some strong attacks, but even their most powerful moves aren’t very effective against the types that can do serious damage to an Ice/Psychic Pokemon.

Strong dual-types can often negate each other’s weaknesses; that is, its primary type may resist a damage type that the secondary type is weak to, or vice versa. For Ice/Psychic, however, this doesn’t apply to any of the Psychic-type’s weaknesses; only to Ice-type’s weakness to Fighting-type moves.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances: Psychic, Ice
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Rock, Dark, Steel, Ghost

Battle Tips

Jynx & Mr. Rime (the two non-legendaries of this type) are both capable of learning a few Ghost- & Dark-type moves, which can help offset their weaknesses. They also have high Special Attack. Trainers working with these two can raise their Speed through EV training or the Carbos vitamin. If they can outspeed their opponents, Ice/Psychic types can be decent Special sweepers.

6/9 Grass/Dark

Shiftry in the anime

With a 4x weakness to Bug-types & six other weaknesses to boot, Pokemon like Nuzleaf & Cacturne have a lot of opponents to watch out for. What’s more, some of these weaknesses are very common, such as Flying-type. Thankfully, other weaknesses are rarer, such as Ice & Fairy.

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Grass/Dark does have a fair number of resistances going for it, including the very common Water type, & is completely immune to Psychic attacks. Unfortunately, neither typing in this combo offers very much offensive advantage; Grass-type attacks are resisted by many types, & few types are weak to either Grass or Dark attacks.

Type Matchups

  • Immunities (0% damage): Psychic
  • Resistances: Water, Grass, Ground, Dark, Electric, Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Fire, Poison, Fighting, Fairy, Ice
  • Double weaknesses (400% damage): Bug

Battle Tips

Grass/Dark types can be useful in niche situations: namely, against Ghost & Psychic types. Ghost-types in particular have few weaknesses, so Dark-types tend to be the best option to use against them. Still, considering the paltry defenses that Shrifty, Cacturne, & Meowscarada all have, it’s best if players can raise them with EV training, or give them an HP-restoring held item in battle.

5/9 Psychic/Grass


Psychic-types are offensively powerful, but when combined with the most fragile types, they can become quite frail as their weaknesses are only compounded. The Grass/Psychic combination, like Ice/Psychic, is a perfect example of a weak type combo. Exeggutor knows some powerful moves, but there’s no doubt that this combination leaves it (& other Pokemon of this type) with certain disadvantages. For example, the Psychic/Grass combo has seven weaknesses, including a 4x weakness to Bug-types. Its weaknesses outnumber its resistances, & even outnumber the types that deal normal damage to this Pokemon.

On the plus side, Psychic-type attacks easily can take care of Poison-types that threaten it. Other than that, though, this typing doesn’t have much offensive advantage & can’t easily counter its other weaknesses.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances: Water, Grass, Psychic, Ground, Fighting, Electric
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Fire, Poison, Dark, Ghost, Ice
  • Double weaknesses: Bug

Battle Tips

This type combination can hold its own against Water & Fighting-types. Players who want to train up their Exeggutor can put it out front while traveling near lakes & oceans to deal with the local Pokemon. Mons with this type combination also tend to have high Special Attack, making them decent sweepers with the right moves as long as players avoid their weaknesses.

4/9 Ice/Grass

Abomasnow in the anime

As powerful as Abomasnow can be in the right h&s, there’s no denying that it & its pre-evolved form are incredibly fragile. Like Ice/Psychic types, they’re glass cannons, hitting hard but easily destroyed. With a 4x Fire-type weakness & six regular weaknesses (including the common Flying & Bug types), it’s easy to take these Pokemon out.

Though Ice/Grass resists a few fairly common types (Water, Ground, Electric, & Grass), four resistances isn’t a lot for a dual-type — consider the examples above. What’s more, the combination of Ice & Grass-type attacks only offers super-effective damage against four types. It’s not enough of a trade-off for the vast number of weaknesses.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances: Water, Grass, Ground, Electric
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Bug, Poison, Rock, Fighting, Steel
  • Double weaknesses: Fire

Battle Tips

Grass/Ice a unique typing as of Gen 9, with only Snover & Abomasnow holding this weak type combo. However, as mentioned above, Abomasnow can be powerful with the right trainer. Its ability, Snow Warning, sets up hail upon its entry, which does useful chip damage to non-Ice-type Pokemon. As long as players avoid Fire-type attacks & teach it some strong moves, Abomasnow can be a glass cannon.

3/9 Rock/Ground

Geodude in the anime

As common as this typing is (& as tough as these Pokemon can look), they’re actually very easy to take down. Though Onix & its ilk offer decent offensive coverage through its attacks, they unfortunately has just as many defensive weaknesses. Rock/Ground Pokemon have not one but two 4x weaknesses, both of which are incredibly common throughout the games. It’s also weak to four other types to boot.

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Rock/Ground’s immunity to Electric is one defensive plus, & it has a fair number of resistances — including a double resistance to Poison. Pokemon like Geodude might be h&y when battling a Poison-type Gym or Electric-type Pokemon, but they can be easily taken out with a single Water Pulse or Mega Drain.

Type Matchups

  • Immunities: Electric
  • Double resistances (25% damage): Poison
  • Resistances: Normal, Flying, Fire, Rock
  • Weaknesses: Ground, Fighting, Steel, Ice
  • Double weaknesses: Water, Grass

Battle Tips

Despite the weaknesses of this Pokemon type combo, any Ground-type Pokemon will do wonders against an Electric-type trainer. And since Electric-types tend to be found pretty frequently throughout the games, having one on the team is almost always recommended. For players who want to turn their Rhyperior or Golem into a tank, grinding it up against Electric-types will do the trick.

2/9 Ice/Rock

Amaura in the anime

Appearing several times on this list already, Ice types are among the most fragile in the series, & Rock-types have plenty of weaknesses of their own. With two overlapping weaknesses, Fighting & Steel, this is another type combo with not one but two types that are 4x effective against it, & four more weaknesses as well. What’s more, it only has four resistances.

Thankfully, the combination of Ice & Rock-type moves allow Amaura & its evolution (the only Ice/Rock types) to take out a variety of opponents, including the Grass & Ground types that can spell their doom. However, they generally can’t do much to counter their two biggest threats, Fighting & Steel.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances: Normal, Flying, Poison, Ice
  • Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Ground, Rock
  • Double weaknesses: Fighting, Steel

Battle Tips

Like many others on this list, Rock/Ice does best in niche situations. Its Rock-type moves let Aurorus easily take out fellow Ice-types. Additionally, it does well against the extremely common Flying-type. Aurorus also has high HP, allowing it to tank even a few 2x hits before going down. Players can give it a Chople or Babiri berry to lessen the damage from its 4x weaknesses.

1/9 Bug/Grass

parasect in the anime

Neither of these types are considered all that strong, & when they’re combined, their failings only compound each other. Bug/Grass types have a 4x weakness to both Fire & Flying, & five regular weaknesses as well.

Their offensive type coverage is also poor. Bug & Grass each have seven different types that resist their attacks, & neither offers up any moves that can help counter any of this typing’s weaknesses. Pokemon like Parasect might fare okay against a Water or Grass type, but in most situations, the Bug/Grass pairing is incredibly flimsy & has little advantage.

Type Matchups

  • Resistances: Water, Grass, Ground, Fighting, Electric
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Poison, Rock, Ice
  • Double weaknesses: Flying, Fire

Battle Tips

This is one of the hardest types to use in battle. Not only does it have a number of weaknesses, but Grass- & Bug-type attacks don’t do much to damage most other Pokemon. Players who want to use Parasect or Leavanny are best taking on Water, Ground, or Psychic-types. When raising stats through EVs, Speed is key. Both these Pokemon have decent Attack, so if they’re faster than the opponent & exploit type advantages, they just might manage to win.

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