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How To Increase Storage Space


Learn everything there is to know about increasing PS5 storage space & other useful tidbits that largely go unnoticed.

SSD for PS5

The PlayStation 5 has 825GB of storage, but it can fall short after a few installs. The PlayStation 5’s limited storage space can become quite a problem, but it is not one that cannot be remedied.

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Sony’s best-selling console may have 825GB of storage, but only 667.2GB is usable. The lack of storage space can be problematic for PlayStation 5 owners, that require 100GB+ of storage space for each game they own. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem.


Install An Additional Internal SSD

ps5 opened up exposing the SSD Cropped

A great way to increase storage space involves installing an additional internal SSD. While simple; the task can be daunting for many. The good news is SSDs do not cost an arm & a leg anymore, & the installation process is not as complicated as it seems.

What M.2 SSDs Are Compatible With The PS5?

Only compatible M.2 SSDs must be used with a PS5. Make sure an M.2 SSD meets the following requirements before installing it in a PlayStation 5:

  • PCI-Express Gen 4×4 M.2 NVMe SSD (Key M)
  • 250GB to 4TB storage
  • 2230, 2260, 2280, 2242, & 22110 sizes are supported
  • Socket 3 (Key M)
  • 5500 MB/s sequential read speed or faster
  • Up to 25mm width
  • Up to 11.25mm thickness (8mm above the board & 2.45mm below the board)
  • 30/40/60/80/110mm length

Installing a new M.2 SSD will not void the warranty unless it does not meet the specifications. Additionally, using an M.2 SSD with a PS5 requires efficient heat dissipation via a cooling structure like a heat transfer sheet or heatsink. Using an M.2 SSD without a heat transfer sheet or heatsink is ill-advised.

Things To Consider Before Installation Of An M.2 SSD In A PS5

  • A cross-head or a #1 Phillips screwdriver will be required for the installation process.
  • Keep touching a metal-grounded object during the installation & removal process to eliminate static electricity.
  • Do not power on the console without its cover.

Installing An M.2 SSD In A PS5 – A Quick Guide

To install an additional internal SSD, follow these instructions:

  1. Power off the PlayStation 5 console. Remove all cables & PlayStation accessories attached to the console.
  2. Place the PlayStation on a clean & flat surface. The console’s PS logo should be facing down.
  3. Use the right h& for the bottom right corner & the left h& for the top-left corner of the cover.
    Pull PS5 Cover Off

  4. Lift the cover up with the right h& & slide it off carefully to avoid damaging the console.
  5. Once the cover is off, locate the expansion slot. The expansion slot will be covered with a rectangular cover, secured with a screw on the top.
    PS5 Exp&able Storage Slot

  6. Remove the screw & then the cover.
  7. There will be another screw in the expansion slot, which needs to be moved according to the size of the M.2 SSD being installed in the PlayStation 5.
  8. Align the M.2 SSD with the expansion connector & insert it.
  9. Ensure the SSD is well seated & does not obstruct the cooling structure.
  10. Hold the M.2 SSD down & fasten it to the spacer with the screw provided.
  11. Install the expansion slot cover & its screw.
  12. Install the PlayStation 5 cover by sliding it back into place.
    PS5 Cover Installation

Formatting The New M.2 SSD

After installing the M.2 SSD & booting up the PS5, a new screen will pop up regarding formatting the new storage device. Out of the two choices, pick Format M.2 SSD. Once the storage device has been formatted, a success screen will pop up. Feel free to change the location where games are installed by choosing the M.2 SSD drive.

Use An External Hard Drive To Store Games

WD 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive HDD, USB 3.0

Another option to increase storage space involves using an external hard drive. New or unplayed games can be transferred to an external hard drive.

Numerous external hard drives are compatible with the PlayStation 5, but the following recommendations need to be taken into consideration:

  • The external hard drive should have at least 250GB of storage & a maximum of 8TB.
  • The external hard drive should feature USB Superspeed 5Gbps or later.

The biggest drawback of taking this route is that the games stored on the external hard drive are unplayable unless they are transferred to the internal storage of the PS5. This may surprise many because the PS4 could easily run games from an external hard drive.

Delete Unplayed Games

Delete PS5 Games

To clear up storage space on the PlayStation 5, start by deleting unplayed games. To delete games, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Storage menu & select Console.
  2. Under Console, select Games & Apps.
  3. Pick a game & choose delete.

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