Pup no one wanted goes viral in 'heartbreaking' video: 'I'd die for Bob' – New York Post

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One New York City pup had a ruff weekend when he was overlooked at an adoption event in Central Park.
But the tiny terrier mix has become internet famous — and the toast of the rescue world — thanks to a now-viral video.
During the canine gathering, hosted by Brooklyn’s Badass Animal Rescue, a lonely white dog, who goes by the name Bob Parr, was captured in a TikTok video posted by illustrator Andrea Cáceres, which otherwise shows a well-attended event with the cuddly mutts being pet by dog lovers.
But a sad-looking Bob is standing with his handler and glancing around at the scrum of people nearby.
Over the video, Cáceres’ words appear: “POV: you are at an adoption event and all the adoptable dogs are getting attention except for … Bob … Please someone get him a forever home.”
😔 he is the sweetest pup, 3 Y/O very chill and perfect size for a NYC apartment available on @Badass Animal Rescue #rescuedog #adoptabledogs
Since the footage of the 3-year-old, 10-pound dog was posted on Sunday, it’s garnered 3.7 million views and almost 3,000 adoring comments.
“Look. I don’t cry a lot. But even a vaguely sad story around a dog and I cannot control my tears. I’ll hyperventilate,” wrote one commenter.
“Awwww my poor heart can’t take it. The way he’s looking around like ‘what about me,’ ” wrote another.
Another post simply said: “I’d die for Bob.”
Bob’s foster mom, Julie Zeilinger, said the response has been overwhelming.
“It’s so nice that so many people care about Bob,” Zeilinger wrote on an Instagram Story. “Literally hundreds are reaching out about adopting him because of this video … He is one dog who is being lovingly fostered while millions need homes.”
Zeilinger also threw water on the narrative that no one came to pet Bob, telling the Daily Mail that some did try to interact with the petite pooch, but that he is just very shy and reserved. She explained that she’s had him for about four months, and it even took him a while to warm up to her and her family.
“He was very overwhelmed, and I think people sensed that and wanted to give him space,” said Zeilinger approvingly. It was also his first major outing after being treated for heartworm, contributing to his shyness. But his foster mom added that whoever adopts Bob can be sure he’ll be a delightful addition to any household.
According to Bob’s bio on Petfinder, he was named after the Pixar character from “The Incredibles” because of his great strength. He is also neutered.
“He is an incredibly sweet dog who just wants to love and be loved,” Zeilinger said, adding that he will need time to adjust.
“But once he knows he can trust you and that you’re there to protect him, he’s all yours.” 


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