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Resident Evil 7 Streamer Beats Game in Public Library


A streamer beats Resident Evil 7 for the first time in a public library, which presents certain challenges for both horror games & live streaming.

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A Resident Evil 7 streamer beat the game in a public library. Playing Resident Evil 7 is a scary experience in itself, so beating the game in a public space that has rules on noise levels is all the more impressive.

Resident Evil 7 was the debut of a Resident Evil protagonist put through extreme circumstances, such as limbs being Slice off & having to withst& the torment of his possessed wife, all the while being hunted by the Baker family. Due to these horrors, it may be more comfortable to play in solitude at home alone. However, it can be much more entertaining for viewers if a streamer were to play the game in a public space like a library, especially if it is their first experience with a Resident Evil game.


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MinisterGold streamed Resident Evil 7 in a local library from his Steam Deck. Throughout his playthrough, he streamed the game in a booth, just in case the streamer jumped or yelled from the many traumatic events in the game. For his last playthrough however, he took his Steam Deck into the public parts of the library. The streamer followed the guidelines of the library by whispering to his chat from a public table. This is no easy feat, as even just the sound design in horror games would keep any player on the edge of their seat.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this playthrough is that it was MinisterGold’s first time playing a horror game, let alone a Resident Evil game, which was expressed to Dexerto upon comment. MinisterGold exp&ed upon this by expressing that Resident Evil 7 was chosen “for the memes.” It was reported that Resident Evil 7 could have been a live-service game with microtransactions, & it is hard to believe that the game would have had the same impact, & that streamers would be having as much fun with it if that was the case.

As far as the memes go, the upcoming Resident Evil 8 for PSVR 2 could be a great way for streamers to experience the game again, or preferably for the first time, at least from a viewer’s st&point. Although, as far as virtual reality is concerned, players will have to think of creative ways to translate that experience into a livestream. Even so, Resident Evil 8 in PSVR 2 could be a natural progression of where to go next regarding the horror livestream experience with a twist, assuming MinisterGold is open to it. However, MinisterGold is mostly known for his Super Mario World broadcasts.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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