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This Awesome Peacock Mystery Series Flew Under The Radar

Peacock has released some fun & heartwarming reboots, from Saved By The Bell to Punky Brewster, & the streaming service has also put out the hilarious Girls5eva. The service has also dipped its toes into the reality genre, releasing V&erpump Dogs & The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. But Peacock also released an excellent mystery TV series that hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves.

The Resort stars Cristin Milioti & William Jackson Harper as a couple who go on vacation in the hopes of rekindling their romance & who realize that a nearby hotel has a fascinating & mysterious history that they can’t help but want to solve. While the performances are solid & the pacing is perfect, it’s the show’s use of flashbacks that make it one to watch.


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While the Community movie will stream on Peacock & Halloween Ends was on Peacock the same day it hit theaters, the streaming service isn’t as known for original programming as others. That should change thanks to The Resort, which has had one eight-episode season so far.

Emma (Milioti) & Noah (Harper) still love each other, but after some trauma & growing apart for several years, they don’t know how to connect with one another anymore. The first episode of The Resort sets up the central mystery: 15 years ago, Sam (Skyler Gisondo) & Violet (Nina Bloomgarden) meet & are instantly attracted to each other. So why did they disappear?

Even from the first few episodes, it’s clear that The Resort will be a great TV show with a plot twist, & as the couple gets deeper into the mystery, they find out that Sam & Violet ended up in a creepy & fascinating jungle. Ultimately, it’s the flashbacks of Sam & Violet that make this show st& out the most. The young & hopeful characters are a sharp contrast to Emma & Noah, whose spark has faded with time & who wonder if they have any hope left because of the way that their dreams have been shattered over the years. Emma is intrigued by these young adults because she’s tired of feeling lost & confused & she wants to feel the happiness & hope that she once did.

The show has the fast pace of the best thriller TV shows but these flashbacks are also packed with emotion. Sam discovers that his girlfriend has been cheating on him & Violet is grieving the loss of her mom & having trouble connecting with her dad. It’s interesting to learn more about why these characters find each other when they do because everything in this warm & tropical location seems to be fated.

Sam & Violet in The Resort

It’s clear that there is a connection between the two couples & this is why Noah & Emma find out about Violet & Sam, but The Resort is anything but predictable, & that makes the viewing experience much better. Murder mysteries are trendy once again, but this thriller series suggests a more supernatural occurrence, which is compelling. It’s possible to guess that just like Violet & Sam find each other in a place that seems to be magical, at least from what’s suggested during the first few episodes, this is where Noah & Emma will save their marriage.

Most TV shows that use flashbacks would allow audiences to get to know the main characters better & would share more of why Noah & Emma are struggling now. It’s a smart story decision to learn about Sam & Violet instead of seeing the main couple when they’re younger. This creates enough mystery around the central couple to keep people wanting to watch. Some fans feel that Stranger Things uses too many flashbacks, but it’s fun to learn about Sam’s failed relationship & Violet’s bold & confident personality through this storytelling device.

In episode 3, “Tempus Exhaurire,” Emma wants to explore the Oceana Vista resort & Noah continually says that this is a Depraved idea. He comments that he’s doing this because he loves her. This sums up the entire theme of The Resort: that someone will do anything for the person who they love. The flashbacks suggest that Noah & Emma can find their way back to each other & make up for lost time while propelling the show toward the conclusion of its mystery, which is definitely powerful & explosive.

More thriller & horror fans should check out The Resort as it’s a unique & fascinating study of how a couple puts their marriage back together & has a smart main mystery as well. It should have been one of the most anticipated streaming series of 2022 as it’s fun, smart, & feels like something totally different.

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