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Season 6 Episode 8 Review


In this week’s episode, Rick & Morty takes its titular gr&pa to therapy for a gruesome adventure that grants Rick unprecedented levels of progress, while also paying off that armored Jerry tease fans have been waiting for during all of season 6.

Overall, “Analyze Piss” is one of Rick & Morty’s most hard-hitting episodes in many ways, & perhaps nothing illustrates this as this week’s entry hitting viewers with a disclaimer that warns about the depiction of suicide & self-harm, a rarity even for the show’s st&ards. Nevertheless, Rick’s hilarious journey may just prove that sometimes laughter can be the best form of therapy.


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The episode does open up rather innocently, with Rick & Morty fighting off Mr. Nimbus & an assortment of ridiculous villains that will surely be back in the series now that Rick has his portal gun up & running again. Both Cookie Magneto & its parody of The Flintstones’ Gazoo deliver some pretty funny dialogue, but the real gist of the whole bit is seeing how tired Rick has become of fighting these caricatures that constantly chase him across the entire multiverse.

Flamingo dad Jerry beats Pissmaster in Rick & Morty season 6

Thus, in a rare instance of self-reflection, Rick willingly goes to therapy to consult what he should do with Dr. Wong (voiced by Susan Sar&on), whose advice can simply be summed up as Rick having to learn to be the bigger man & put his pettiness aside, at least for one episode. And the creature chosen to teach Rick this valuable lesson is the icky Pissmaster, yet another wonky supervillain whose entire gimmick is, well, urine.

Rick & Morty fans should be no strangers to the show using these sorts of repulsive characters as part of its plots, though Pissmaster isn’t really as offensive to the senses as he could be, especially with how easily Jerry beats him to become the galaxy’s new shining hero. That’s right, this is another Jerry-centered episode (take note Fortnite) to some extent, which really helps drive home the point that the entire Smith family has really evened out in terms everyone’s ability to have real protagonism from time to time.

Naturally, after being granted superhero status by a couple of Illuminati or Marvel’s the Watcher kind of figures, Jerry’s attitude makes him a fantastic, even if outright foolish crime fighter. Regardless, of that all the jokes that play off Jerry’s Iron Man status l& pretty well, with him blasting away an entire planet of Hitler variants really making the entire gag well worth the wait.

Rick drunk at a bar in Rick & Morty season 6

Of course, Rick doesn’t take kindly to his dumb son-in-law getting all the recognition he’s always lacked for his exploits, so obviously this rubs him off the wrong way, yet for a change, his response is not doubling down on aggression. Quite the contrary, Rick goes on a Enormous personal development journey, one that cements character growth as this Rick & Morty season’s defining trait because, despite being quite on-br& with his drinking, Mr. Sanchez rises up to the ocassion to protect Pissmaster’s legacy is what even his therapist has to admit shows a lot of maturity & compassion.

The scene where Rick tries to save Pissmaster has the perfect tone to it, & though possibly not as graphic or harsh as some might expect, the disclaimer put in place by Adult Swim feels deserved. The motives for Pissmaster’s suicide push Rick to pick up the mantle of the bodily fluids & rebr& him as a hero that can match the virality Flamingo Dad, with the riff on Space Jam’s “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” resuming mockery of the franchise from last week.

Jerry is given the task of notifying the reborn Pissmaster of his new superhero status as the ultimate trial for his own pettiness, but Rick’s plans to fake the pee man’s death clash with that. The resulting fight destroys Flamingo Dad’s image & he’s quickly stripped of his superhero status, resulting in a sad but fitting end for Jerry’s time at the top, although at least Rick’s plan works & leaves him a better man than he was before the episode started.

Entire Smith family in garage Rick & Morty season 6

That doesn’t last too long as with Rick being Rick he eventually confesses what he did to Morty, & while that may ruin his selfless sacrifice to protect his former enemy’s honor, the fact is that all of this, coupled with the first two Rick & Morty episodes in season 6 do hold a certain degree of linearity for fans to assume Rick is a changed man to some degree.

“Analyze Piss” mostly exhausts the footage that Rick & Morty’s mid-season trailer had released, meaning the final two episodes, will feature even more new material in what the showrunners have promised will be very action-packed entries. Even if Pissmaster is a bit too much & suicide can be tough to watch for some, it’s safe to say Rick & Morty continues to evolve in its latest season.

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