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Despite its name, RuneScape 3 simply serves as the third-largest update of the game since its creation as an MMO with a simple graphics engine in 2001. Although the first two iterations of the game supported browser-based play through Java, players of RS3 since 2016 now need a rather light game client to support the otherwise gigantic game.

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In this MMO, players don’t necessarily have a “gr&” quest. Rather, they’re dropped in the world of Gielinor as they make a name for themselves, be it as adventurers, traders, crafters, or everywhere in between. And for fans who feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of things they could do in the RuneScapeMMO, there are quite a ton of sites & communities players could use in order to optimize their enjoyment of the game.


7/7 RuneScape: Beginners’ Guide

Anyone who wants the best first look at any fantasy MMO they’re interested in would want to get access to as much information as possible without being overwhelmed. Most of the time, these games provide such information through a beginner’s guide, which is exactly what RuneScape: Beginners’ Guide does. Unlike a large-scale website with multiple pages, the RuneScape: Beginners’ Guide is part of the RuneScape website’s larger Game Guides pages category that contains various tips about how to get started in the game.

While there are more in-depth resources about what players need to do in order to keep up with their friends quickly, the Beginners’ Guide works best as the safest, “most formal” way of accessing the game in terms of a bare-bones guide, regardless if it’s about adventuring in RuneScape or making money. Learning the extreme basics through this straightforward page will give players enough stock knowledge to start diving into the actual game.

6/7 RuneScape Forums

Runescape Forums

If players want the most accurate information regarding any MMO that they’re playing, it’s best to stay tuned in their exclusive community. In the case of RuneScape 3, perhaps players may want to play close attention to the RuneScape Forums to access all their community needs in a single website. Compared to usual chat groups, the RuneScape Forums is a classic message board that compiles relevant updates happening to the meta.

Not only are there updates to various large-scale situations such as news, announcements, & patches, there are also vast discussion boards that exp& on guides to skills like Mining, bug reports, as well as pages dedicated to lore & suggestions about game content.

5/7 The RuneScape Wiki

The Runescape Wiki

Players hooked in any kind of video game will probably look into their dedicated wikis to help explain the game’s concepts & various mechanics. Such is the case of RuneScape 3 with The RuneScape Wiki, which serves as perhaps the oldest wiki of all things RuneScape, be it free content or pay-to-play content like Ironman Mode.

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Established in April 8, 2025, the RuneScape Wiki has consistently provided various pieces of content as RuneScape evolved through the years. Fans who want a more viewer-friendly take on current content may rely on the RuneScape Wiki for a quick bird’s eye view on lore, existing missions & other quick guides.

4/7 RS Wiki

The RS Wiki

Players looking for an alternative source for their MMO information would want to look for comprehensive website with information on equipment, skills, quests, & even raids. Such is the case of RS Wiki, an alternate to the RuneScape wiki. Serving as a similar take on the subject, the RS Wiki is a more streamlined version of the RuneScape Wiki, still detailing information about character progression, quests, & even various points of interest.

What makes RS Wiki set itself apart from the RuneScape Wiki its active fanbase, where articles are regularly updated & they even have their own Discord server where fans can discuss a wide variety of approaches to the game.

3/7 Rune Tips

Rune Tips

Fans who want to get their game on & take their RuneScape experience seriously would want to deep dive into the meta. Similar to other MMORPG websites, Rune Tips is a more statistical take on the RuneScape gameplay system. Instead of simply containing guides & tips, Rune Tips also has details on more specific aspects of the game & its world.

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These include information on the lore while at the same time having detailed guides on skills & hunting RuneScape bosses, as well as skill calculators. Moreover, Rune Tips also has a detailed clan database where fans can look up existing guilds & ongoing war events.

2/7 RuneApps


Unlike other MMO websites that provide guides to the player experience, RuneApps is a RuneScape 3 gameplay site that focuses on browser applets instead. In the older days of MMOs like World of Warcraft, small programs like add-ons can be “added” to augment aspects of the gameplay, such as adding quest points that aren’t often seen in the vanilla game. The functionality of RuneApps is similar, where browser applets are built precisely to improve the player’s experience while playing RuneScape 3.

Perhaps the most popular applet in RuneApps would be the Alt1 Toolkit, which is a collection of smaller applets that give a ton of quality-of-life improvements to RS3. These include stats lookup to see the immediate attributes of players, instant access to wiki pages of items & monsters when right-clicked during RuneScape farming sessions, or even have an applet that lets players farm or grind while watching YouTube & Twitch in the same window.

1/7 RuneScape Discord

The RuneScape Discord

Perhaps one of the best ways to communicate & reach out to fans about all things RuneScape is joining its RuneScape Discord community. While a ton of other fan-made RuneScape communities are out there, the Jagex-sanctioned RuneScape Discord remains the best place to access immediate RuneScape news & updates, especially those urgently sent to the community.

Similar to other MMOs with Discord servers, the RuneScape Discord group has dedicated channels for newcomers, returnees, & veterans, ensuring there are various ways of connecting with fellow fans & bond over common interests. The RuneScape Discord is a more efficient way of finding playmates & even clanmates, or people to hang out with during idle skills like Fishing.

RuneScape 3 was released on July 22, 2013 for the PC.

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