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Scorn How To Get A Weapon


It takes a bit of time before players can get their h&s on their first weapon in Scorn. Here’s how to find it & get it.

using your first weapon in scorn

Scorn has many facets, it’s a terrifying puzzle game with tons of body horror. It’s got a bone-chilling atmosphere due to its creepy visual & eerie environment. However, it’s also got shooting elements for players that want some action in their games.

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Oddly enough, unlike most gamers would think, players won’t get an actual weapon until they’ve played for a while. In the first accessible areas of the map, there’s no need to attack anyone – there are no actual enemies before a certain point in the game, until then it’s all about puzzle-solving. This guide will explain exactly when & how players get a weapon in Scorn.


How To Get A Weapon In Scorn

connecting weapon to terminal

Players will only get a weapon in the game after they’ve finished the first part of Act One. Scorn is a game that only saves automatically – there are no manual saves – & this is the first saving point. It happens between Act I-I & Act I-II.

After opening the large door at the end of Act I-I, players will find themselves in a large circular room. They can either turn left or turn right to complete the first puzzle of Act I-II, but this isn’t required to get the weapon. It’s possible to simply walk past the two entrances & go to the northern part of the circular room right away. Here is where players can find & access the contraption to get the first gun in the game.

first weapon

To get the weapon, players only have to walk up to the terminal & interact with it, then the character will pick it up & take it with them. Afterward, players will have to enter one of the entrances to solve the puzzle of the odd-looking tree. However, there are three parts to the puzzle, the first part doesn’t require a weapon (players don’t actually have to pick up as soon as they enter Act I-II) but the second part does.

Players have to connect the weapon to the terminal at the west side entrance to activate the second part of the puzzle, doing this will cause a sledgehammer-like mechanism to start working & dangerous firefly-like machines to w&er around the room. These machines will leak out a poisonous gas but they can be destroyed by a single hit of the weapon.

Scorn is available now for PC & Xbox Series X/S.

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