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Every Pet In Sea Of Thieves, Ranked


For games these days, it is not enough to simply be able to pet the dog. The long-awaited addition of animals to Rare’s swashbuckling Sea of Thieves dropped in 2019. But fans have only been able to fully vet the different pets after about a year & some change. The final verdict: sailing the high seas with a loyal pet dancing to sea shanties is always enjoyable.

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With a dozen species & dozens of skins for them, players might feel overwhelmed. The pets also cost a specific amount of “ancient coins” that usually adds up to $4.99. Players can also purchase unique outfits for their companions, too. So which pets inSea of Thieves are worth the microtransactions?

Updated November 24, 2022 by Jerrad Wyche: With each passing year Sea of Thieves adds new aspects to the adored multiplayer pirate adventure. Pets were added to the game as an additional way for players to craft their experience to feel unique & custom to their own interests.

Recently the game added foxes as a new animal for players to acquire & place by their side. The inclusion of Collector’s Pets also means there’s always a new creature to pursue.


14/14 Foxes

Sea of Thieves Foxes

Foxes hold a special place in the world of Sea of Thieves pets as they’re the only animal without specific species attached to them. They also happen to be the only pets yet with a Collector variant. The game currently has five different foxes for players to acquire, those being the Auburn, Shoreline, Slate, Snowdrift, & Veiled foxes.

Each of them sports a distinct fur coat & appearance, all coming in at the same price of 500 ancient coins. It’s a matter of preference with these critters, & as mischievous as they’re known to seem like they’re the perfect partner for a swashbuckling pirate out on the high seas.

13/14 Marmosets

Sea of Thieves Marmoset

This monkey pet is regarded by many fans as being the cutest of them all. Like the other pets, they can wear different outfits that usually cost 249 ancient coins.

Unfortunately, one of the coolest skins, the Skeleton Marmoset, was a limited Collector’s Pet variant. In a game whose community has been plagued with toxicity, bringing back a limited-time pet skin could go a long way in winning back some goodwill.

12/14 Macaws

Sea of Thieves Macaw

A Macaw is the stereotypical, but logical choice for a pirate’s companion animal. In real life, they can learn different comm&s, repeat phrases (however lurid or crass), & bring an added flourish of color to any outfit. For Sea of Thieves players, the Macaw wasn’t a top choice.

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However, as all pets dance when players play instruments, the Parrot family might be the best option for this emote. Perhaps the recently announced pirate RPG King of Seas will also feature parrot pirate pets.

11/14 Cockatoos

Sea of Thieves Cockatoo

As with the monkey pets, Cockatoos sound & act just like the other pets in the species. They Approach in more flamboyant color combinations & all feature a prominent crest.

Pair them with the Sovereign outfit to help them appear as royal & important as they probably assume that they are.

10/14 Barbarys

Sea of Thieves Barbary

The Barbary monkey pet has naturally auburn fur, but sound like other monkey pets. Players can also opt for the Silver Mane Barbary which bears a striking resemblance to another popular monkey from a certain beloved animated film about lions.

It also bears mentioning that, while it doesn’t feature monkey pets, games from the Tales of Monkey Isl& series are available again. Anyone who’s into Sea of Thieves might also enjoy the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood.

9/14 Wildcats

Sea of Thieves Wildcat

What team? The sitting there, probably judging you while flicking their tails around Wildcats. Players have agreed that cats are probably the cutest. They will st& up & meow at players when viewed through a spyglass.

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But other players have said they are the most annoying during combat. In order to get that pirate head in the game, however, cats might be the best option.

8/14 Alsatians

Sea of Thieves Alsatian

Many Sea of Thieves fans desperately wanted Rare to add dogs in the game as pets. So the studio added three species to choose from starting with the Alsatian. Along with adding dogs in the September 2020 update, the production studio also moved to help raise funds for cancer research.

Alsatians kind of look like German Shepherds, but stockier & with different coloration. But if someone wants a Good Boi™️ to always be by their side, the Alsatian is the pet to choose.

7/14 Maus

Sea of Thieves Mau

That is the plural of “Mau” & not a play on the word “mouse” for the breed name. These cats are a lithe & nimble breed.

They resemble Balinese or Javanese cats from the real world with curious ears & long faces. These cats also look ridiculous in the Pirate Legend outfit & by ridiculous, most players mean dashing (probably).

6/14 Whippets

Sea of Thieves Whippet

This dog breed features a lizard-like face with droopy ears & a frenzied disposition. Players can capture all of their wildest small-dog-wearing-embarrassing-outfits dreams.

Fans recommended the Ghost outfit for maximum awkwardness.

5/14 Capuchin

Sea of Thieves Capuchin

There are three different breeds of each species of pet in Sea of Thieves. The most common of them is the Capuchin monkey, but that doesn’t make it less Chilly.

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Though not as cute as the Marmoset, this little guy’s face belies his mischievous personality. But don’t worry: these little dudes can’t vomit on people mid-stream like the one from the Rare stream did when the game launched.

4/14 Parakeets

Sea of Thieves Parakeet

Parakeets are the smaller, cuter version of Macaws. They love to preen & look adorable in the Rose outfit while looking embarrassingly adorable in the Banana outfit.

Players can opt for a classic green, red, & yellow color or go for a louder orange version.

3/14 Ragamuffins

Sea of Thieves Ragamuffin

In a simultaneously heartbreaking & day-making turn, players created in-game pets to honor real-life ones that were no longer around. The Ragamuffin captured one such former pet & their somewhat grumpy disposition.

Though the colorations don’t make a huge difference, the Kraken outfit just seems to suit this pet breed.

2/14 Inus

Sea of Thieves Inu

The stubborn, but irresistibly quirky Shiba Inu breed found its way into Sea of Thieves. Players can choose from five coloring options & any of the outfits available for cats.

More likely than dressing up this dog, however, is a player stuffing them into a cannon & firing them out of it. After all, no Shiba in the real world would allow such a dishonorable display of vulgarity.

1/14 Collector’s Pets

Sea of Thieves Collectors Pets

The rarest partners in Sea of Thieves happen to be a grouping of pets with special effects belonging to a group called Collector’s Pets. Despite providing the player with a bonus of sorts, these pets, unfortunately, Approach with a drawback. The issue is that they can’t be equipped with outfits like the regular versions of said animal species.

Foxes, being the newest species of pets added to Sea of Thieves, have yet to receive a Collector’s Pet version, but that’ll likely change in the future. Players looking to get their h&s on every Collector Pet will need to spend over 18,000 ancient coins to do so. Sea of Thieves pets provide companionship to players looking to become pirate legends.

Sea Of Thieves is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, & PC.

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