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Tips For The 100 Baby Challenge


Playing The Sims 4 in the same method with the same household can become a bit boring. Luckily, Simmers have created a lot of challenges that can improve the gameplay. There are some legacy challenges like the Not So Berry & the 100 baby challenge.

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To complete the 100 baby challenge in The Sims 4, players will have to create a matriarch Sim & have 100 babies, all with different Sims. Once the mother passes away, the youngest child is the next matriarch. It will require a lot of time & patience, so here are a couple of tips to help complete the challenge.

Updated on November 18th, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: Thanks to The Sims 4 community, the game has now been enhanced with many new challenges. Each challenge possesses its own rules, duration, & theme so that players can choose according to their taste. The 100 baby Challenge can seem a bit intimidating to new players, but in reality, it’s an easy challenge that’s time-consuming. Most Simmers take years to finish the 100 baby challenge since the matriarch must give birth to a lot of babies to complete it. Luckily, there are a couple of tips players can use to make The Sims 4 challenge easier & more entertaining.


12/12 Pick Good Traits For The Matriarch

romantic trait in cas in the sims 4

Players can choose the original Sim’s Traits to get a head start. The Romantic Trait will certainly Advance in h&y, especially since the Sim needs to Flirt to unlock the Try for Baby option. Self-Assured is another good Trait as it will give them r&om boosts of confidence.

This will help when they’re telling a joke or making bold romantic advances. Family-Oriented & Childish Traits can help level up their Parenting Skill faster & fill up the Fun Need more quickly.

11/12 Aspirations For The Matriarch

alluring bonus trait in cas in the sims 4

In Create A Sim (CAS), after deciding the personality Traits, players can now pick an Aspiration for their matriarch. Every Aspiration has a bonus Trait. The Romantic one rewards players with the Alluring Trait. It helps Sims succeed with romantic interactions more than others.

The Family Aspirations, especially the Super Parent one, grants the Domestic bonus Trait. This Trait will make Simmers build their family relationships faster. As a result, Sim’s children are more likely to listen to them.

10/12 Useful Lot Traits

some lot traits in the sims 4

In any World, every Lot can have three Traits in The Sims 4. Some of them already have Traits, while some don’t. According to the 100 baby challenge rules, players can pick the Traits of the Lot they’re going to live in. However, if the house originally had Traits, then Simmers aren’t allowed to change them.

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The best Traits that will immensely help with this challenge are:

  • Good Schools
    : Boost school performance & give a Confident Moodlet.

  • On Ley Line
    : Sims are more likely to have Twins than others.

  • Romantic Aura
    : Boost Romantic Interactions.

9/12 Keep A Young Adult

splitting or merging options in the sims 4

The 100 baby challenge states that once the teen is an A student, they can be aged up & move out of the house. However, if players are struggling with raising six children & their matriarch is heavily pregnant, they can keep the Young Adult until the baby is born.

Young Adults can help with basic chores like cooking & cleaning while the mother is sleeping or working. Having an extra h& to help around the house is better than forcing a Sim with low Needs to do them.

8/12 Buy A Wabbit Tablet

wabbit tablet in the sims 4

At the start of the challenge, it might be difficult to buy anything other than the bare necessities. But, if Simmers can spare a few Simoleons, they can buy the Wabbit Tablet. It costs $500 & will help Toddlers level up four different Skills; Communication, Imagination, Movement, & Thinking. So, players don’t have to buy different objects for every single Skill.

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Simmers can use free methods to level up the Toddlers’ Skills until they have enough money to buy the tablet from Build Mode. For example, using Flashcards to level up Thinking & dancing to a song on the radio to level up Movement.

7/12 Buy A Good Bed

expensive & medium quality beds in the sims 4

The health of the matriarch, which is the mother of all, is the most crucial thing players need to focus on. If the mother has full needs & slept on a high-quality bed, the Energy need will refill faster, & the parent will be in a good mood to do some chores, & maybe even work to earn some extra Simoleons.

At the start of the 100 baby challenge, Simmers won’t have that much money because of the newly bought house in The Sims 4& buying the baby necessities. Most high-quality beds are on the expensive side. So, it’s best to buy medium quality at first, then move to a better quality later on.

6/12 Make Money At Home

female sim working on a PC in the sims 4

Because of the 100 baby challenge rules, the mother can’t join a Career in The Sims 4. Fortunately, Simmers can make money using other methods. The most common method is painting. Buy an easel & paint until Sims max their Painting Skills. Now, they are more likely to create Masterpieces & sell each one for thous&s of Simoleons.

Another method is to buy a computer from Buy Mode & max out the Writing Skill. By clicking the Practice Writing & Write a Book options, Simmers can level up their Writing Skill. Once the Skill is level 10, they will have a higher chance of writing a Bestseller that can be sold for a decent amount of Simoleons. Additionally, players get royalties for every book they publish.

5/12 Satisfaction Points Rewards

potions & traits in the reward store in the sims 4

Every Sim has Whims that appear as a cloud above their head on the bottom left screen. Completing any of them will reward Simmers with Satisfaction points. These points can be used to purchase a potion or an extra Trait from the Reward Store.

Players can buy the Sleep Replacement Potion if Sim needs Energy. But, the most important Trait to purchase is Fertile. This extra Trait will make the matriarch more likely to have twins or triplets, which is crucial for completing this challenge.

4/12 Focus On Potty

go potty option in the sims 4

To make any Toddler go potty, one of the parents needs to take the child to the bathroom. This will sometimes become annoying as the matriarch is busy, has low needs, or is asleep. As result, it’s crucial that players level up Toddlers’ Potty Skills, so they can go on their own without needing a grown-up.

Before leveling up any skill for Toddlers, take them to the bathroom & press the Go Potty action multiple time, even if the children don’t need to empty their bladder. Once they reach level two of Potty in The Sims 4, players can now click to Go Potty while controlling the Toddler.

3/12 Keep The Matriarch Pregnant

WooHoo & female sim holding a bay in the sims 4

It’s a known fact that pregnant Sims don’t age & can’t die. Therefore, players need to keep their Sim pregnant almost all the time to take advantage of their short lifespan. To do that, players can flirt & WooHoo with the next parent while pregnant. This way, they’re not wasting time & the matriarch will immediately get pregnant after giving birth.

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If the household is full & one Teen is in the last trimester, Simmers need to focus on aging their Teen Sims. To do so, players need to ensure they become an A student. This can be done by making the Teen Study Hard, doing their homework & extra credit, & sending them to school with high needs.

2/12 Buy A Fridge Display

the fridge display in the sims 4

Every once in a while, the Toddlers would wake up at an unreasonable hour & dem& food because of low Hunger needs. The whole household would be asleep & players need to forcefully wake up someone to bring some leftovers to the Toddler.

A quick & easy solution is buying a fridge display from Get To Work pack in The Sims 4. Simmers can cook multiple large meals & store them in the display, & the Toddler can now easily approach it & grab a plate without needing anyone. In Build Mode, there is the Frigidaire Refrigerated Display which costs $325, or the Baker’s Cousin Display Case, which costs $425. Although it may seem expensive at first, it will immensely help in the long run.

1/12 Separate Bathrooms

stall bathroom in the sims 4

Taking care of eight Sims, which is a full household, is quite a laborious task, especially at the beginning of the challenge. The house will be small & there won’t be that many bathrooms, which will cause Embarrassing Moddlets & bladder issues. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

Simmers can sell the toilet in the bathroom & replace it with bathroom stalls. It’s efficient, doesn’t take a lot of space, & over one Sim can enter the bathroom. In addition, Sims are less likely to get unwanted Moodlets when they walk in on each other.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, & Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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