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Skyrim Saints & Seducers Mod Team Looking to Overhaul Game’s Main Storyline


A team of modders is currently working on an overhaul of Skyrim, which they say will offer a deeper experience of the main story Bethesda implemented.

Screenshot from Skyrim showing a Spriggan in front of some plant life.

The team behind the popular Skyrim mod “Saints & Seducers” is currently hard at work making improvements to the base game’s main storyline. With so many ways to play The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Bethesda’s 2011 epic RPG has clearly stood the test of time. However, as the years have gone by, the cracks have started to appear. It’s still a gorgeous game with a lot to do & see, but Skyrim is beginning to show its age now, & it only seems natural that some would want to Advance along & improve the overall experience.


Of course, it’s likely that Skyrim wouldn’t be anywhere without the modding community, which is fit to burst with individuals & teams that have the creative talent & dedication to really keep the 11-year-old game in the limelight. Mods are so common in TES5 that some players barely experience the vanilla release, choosing instead to load their copy with all sorts of tweaks, graphical boosts, custom content, & other juicy additions that extend the already expansive world. Then there are those modifications that seek to retread what the official studio has done.

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In a recent report on PCGamesN, a group of modders is working to offer a new interpretation of the main questline from Skyrim. The Skyrim Extended Carve team is planning an overhaul of the “dragon-focused” aspect of the story to offer a fresh narrative, with the goal of making it seem like it was written in this modern era of gaming. The modders believe that, while TES5 is a great game, it could st& to see some improvements, especially when it comes to characters & the overall writing. It should be pointed out that the project won’t overhaul the expansive story, such as the ongoing civil war or the guilds. It will seemingly focus on the storyline directly involving the Dragonborn.

Skyrim Anniversary Saints & Seducers pack

Many people who play the Anniversary Edition of the game will likely be familiar with this team’s work. They released the Saints & Seducers mod for Skyrim, which brought in some aspects from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion‘s Shivering Isles DLC. It’s become one of the most popular modifications for the TES5, so many will be excited to see what the Skyrim Extended Carve team has in store with this new overhaul.

While Skyrim is known for its huge story that takes place in a cold slice of Tamriel, it must be said that the game was lacking in the writing department somewhat. What these modders are aiming to do is to give the story a renewed zeal, which will hopefully bring with it some extra depth & detail to the world.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN

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