So the Cypher Buff will Ruin Valorant…

So the Cypher Buff will Ruin Valorant…


Who’s ready for Cypher in every game of Valorant? The NEW Cypher Buffs are Broken as you can see from Kaemi. The Valorant Patch came out 1 Day Early for NA (as usual) so I jumped onto my NA Account to see how Broken Cypher Buffs really are.

📺 Contents:
0:00 – 0:35 Intro
0:36 – 2:10 Cypher Buff Impressions
2:11 – 4:18 Game 1 (Learning Cypher)
4:19 – 11:16 Game 2 (High Kill)

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HowToNoodle has recently become a Neon Main. There will still be Jett Super Dash clips as Valorant did not fully patch it. However Neon allows HowToNoodle to be more free and do 200IQ Movement Plays on any map. Not just the Ascent Super Dash and Icebox Super Dash. ShiroRz might be the best Neon, but I like to do Neon Movement like an idiot. Hope you enjoy the change of my Valorant Highlights to Radiant Neon Gameplay.

So the Cypher Buff will Ruin Valorant…
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