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First Contact Achievement Guide (All Orb Locations)


Somerville‘s First Contact achievement instructs players to make some friends, & it centers around the sentient orbs that fans will encounter during their playthroughs. More specifically, players must have interactions with these orbs in 10 different locations, & this guide is here to provide full details on those locations & help fans earn the First Contact achievement in Somerville.

Chapter 3: Checkpoint 3

somerville first contact

After loading this checkpoint, players should climb over the fence & crawl under the downed tree. Fans of indie games should then push the nearby bale of hay forward to trigger the interaction.


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Chapter 4: Checkpoint 4

somerville first contact

There is a downed tree just to the left of this checkpoint. Players should crawl under it to enter an alcove where the second orb interaction occurs.

Chapter 5: Checkpoint 2

somerville first contact

Walk to the right & climb over the knocked-over portable toilet to reach a red car. An orb interaction is triggered by opening the trunk of this vehicle.

Chapter 5: Checkpoint 4

somerville first contact

There is an orb behind a gate just past the two semi-trucks at the beginning of this checkpoint. Push the wood pallet that is leaning against the right side of this gate to reveal an opening & then approach the orb.

Chapter 5: Checkpoint 6

somerville first contact

Go to the left after sliding down the ramp at the start of the checkpoint & open the portable toilet that is shaking to release several orbs.

Chapter 6: Checkpoint 4

somerville first contact

After climbing the ladder at the beginning of this checkpoint, players will find themselves in a tunnel. There is a hole in the back wall near the start of this tunnel, & fans of sci-fi video games should enter it & move to the left to encounter an orb.

Chapter 6: Checkpoint 7

somerville first contact

Upon reaching the top of the shaft, players should use their red ability to harden the surface of the material that they just swam through. Fans of adventure games should then walk across this surface to reach the right side of the room & shimmy along the back wall to enter an alcove with another orb.

Chapter 6: Checkpoint 8

somerville first contact

Once players solve the puzzle at the beginning of this checkpoint, they should pass through the newly-opened door. Fans of cinematic games should then follow the path forward & pass by the ladder on their left to reach an alcove where two orbs can be encountered.

Chapter 9: Checkpoint 1

somerville first contact

Proceed through this chapter to reach the end of a hallway that is flanked by tables with c&les. There is a metal cart on the left side just beyond this hallway, & fans should move it out of the way, pass through the door that is now accessible, & interact with the moving box.

Chapter 10: Checkpoint 1

somerville first contact

There is a flashing traffic light near the beginning of this chapter, & players should pass the truck that is just beyond it. Fans should then immediately go right & use their blue ability to reach a door. All that is left to do now is open that door & encounter the final orb in this atmospheric video game.

Somerville is available for PC, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

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