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Sonic Frontiers: How to Beat Knight


During Sonic Frontiers, players will have to do battle with several gigantic Titans that cap off Sonic’s visit to each isl& & st& between him & his goal. Knight is a quadrupedal, rollerblading, sword-wielding giant.

Sonic Frontiers‘ assortment of Titans each provides a different challenge for Sonic in both his normal & Super forms, requiring him to make use of his new & improved combat skills in conjunction with some more traditional Sonic platforming in order to overcome their challenge.


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How to Reach Knight’s Head

Sonic Frontiers_Knight_Ground Pound

After using the power of Pinball to cause a volcanic eruption & burn away the cloud layer that hides the boss arena, Sonic is finally able to face off with Knight. The giant uses its roller ball feet to spin around the arena, periodically raising its arm & striking the ground to unleash waves of spikes that can knock Sonic back & strip away his supply of Rings.

Players can leap over these with a well-timed double jump, but it’s far more effective to parry the wave. Parrying will slow down time for a moment, allowing players to sprint to the h& & grind up to Knight’s main body. From there, it’s only a short run up to the head to grab the final Chaos Emerald.

How to Beat Knight

Sonic Frontiers_Knight_Shield Throw

Now that Sonic’s gone super, it’s time to fight Knight. Knight will circle the arena at r&om before eventually attempting a sword swing. Parrying this swing will allow Sonic to close the distance & attack, but Knight’s shield will take the brunt of the blows.

Keep pressing the attack, & eventually, a cutscene will trigger with Knight throwing its shield at Sonic. Pull off the QuickTime event successfully to ride the shield, at which point Knight will start opening fire with missiles. The goal here is to steer the shield back into Knight while trying not to get thrown off course too much by the missiles. Hitting Knight with the shield will open it up to attacks from Super Sonic, so it’s time to Wreck out all the combos.

Eventually, Knight will try to counterattack, but a successful parry allows Sonic to unleash a special counterattack that deals massive damage to Knight & slams it into the arena floor. When it gets back up, there’ll be a brief window to keep piling on damage before it starts circling the arena again.

Sonic Frontiers_Knight_Phase 2

At half health Knight enters its second phase, indicated by a cutscene where it unleashes a barrage of lasers & throws out its shield. The tactic in this phase is to get into the shield’s path as it bounces around the arena, & use the parry to aim & fire it into Knight, stunning it. This opens it up to attack, but it recovers & uses a sword swing to counterattack quite quickly. Parrying this leaves it open to further attacks, & before long, it’ll get low on health, & a cutscene will start.

Nail the QuickTime event, & Sonic will steal Knight’s sword & demonstrate he remembers everything Caliburn taught him, ending the fight with style.

Sonic Frontiers is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintendo Switch.


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