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Sonic Frontiers Is Getting ‘Multiple’ Free DLC Content Updates Over the Coming Months


A statement from Sega notes that the recently released Sonic Frontiers will be getting some free DLC updates over the coming months.

Sonic Frontiers Future DLC Monster hunter

Sega & Sonic Team’s recently released Sonic Frontiers will be getting a host of free DLC updates throughout the upcoming months. This is the latest mainline 3D Sonic game after Sonic Forces, & while critics have been mixed on the blue hedgehog’s latest outing, fans have been overjoyed & celebrating its release. Boasting an already impressive amount of content for most players to experience, some of the most praised aspects of it have been the exploration, sense of speed, & storytelling, while criticisms have been leveled against its technical aspects.


However, one aspect of the game that some may have felt was lacking was the customization of Sonic’s outfits, with the only options being announced shortly before the game’s release. These were the fan-favorite Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventure 2, along with a crossover costume with Monster Hunter that gave Sonic a set of Rathalos & Felyne Rathalos-themed outfits. While these initial options might seem lacking, it seems the game will be getting more free DLC in the future.

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This update was revealed in a press release from Sega itself, which came shortly after the Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC had dropped. In this, it states that Sega will be supporting the game with multiple content updates that will be free to all players. This press release specifically notes that this set of updates has started already, with the Monster Hunter Collaboration pack being the first of them.

This should be good news for Sonic Frontiers fans, as the game’s Extras menu only having a scant amount of costume options might be a little bit lacking, but these updates should help extend its shelf life. It could possibly add highly requested costume options such as Sonic’s outfit from Sonic Riders or Chip’s Bracelet from Sonic Unleashed. Other crossover costumes such as an outfit based on Joker’s Phantom Thief attire from Persona 5 or Beat’s clothes from Jet Set Radio could be possible as well.

This set of updates will be continuing throughout 2023, so it’s likely that Sonic Frontiers‘ potential DLC could be adding some other features & not just costumes. These updates could possibly add some QOL improvements as well as extra content like a Theater or Boss Rush mode. It’s also possible that more open-zone Isl&s could be added in the future, though this is all speculation at this time until more information is given.

Sonic Frontiers is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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