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How to Easily Get Combo Crackerjack Trophy/Achievement (Phantom Rush 50 Times)


Sonic Frontiers breaks the traditional Sonic formula by placing the blue blur in a giant open environment, spread over five isl&s. Exploring these isl&s presents many challenges, puzzles & collectibles for players to strive to beat & obtain. Being an open-world game, Sonic Frontiers has a far more substantial play time than previous Sonic titles.

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Making the journey from the first isl& to the finale will require all of Sonic’s skills & moves to be utilized efficiently. Players hoping to do a little more than the already huge range of in-game quests & challenges may take a look at the achievements or trophies for Sonic Frontiers to spice things up a little.


Players will be glad to know the majority of Sonic Frontiers‘ achievements or trophies are pretty straightforward to unlock. There are no crazy ring amounts to be held or a set amount of S ranks to obtain. However, one of these is more challenging than first appearances. The Combo Crackerjack trophy/achievement is one of the most tricky to unlock.


The conditions for unlocking Combo Crackerjack seem to be pretty straightforward, however, the requirement is tricky as it requires Phantom Rush to be used 50 times outside the training simulator. Phantom Rush requires Sonic to build up a combo of 20 hits before it activates. This is all good in theory, but most enemies in Sonic Frontiers are defeated within a few hits. So, the instant reaction would be to try using this on one of the guardians around the isl&s, as they are stronger than st&ard enemies.

Guardians do indeed take some more hits than st&ard enemies & while one or two Phantom Rush might occur during a fight, this isn’t the quickest way to get to 50 total activations. Fighting the guardians can also take time, & one wrong move could lead to an unwanted death or even falling off the bigger ones, leading to a restart of the entire fight.

How To Unlock The Trophy/Achievement


The best method to unlock the achievement/trophy Combo Crackerjack is by first traveling to Ares isl&. Once arriving at Ares isl& head to the open desert area near the middle. Look around for the spring enemies that shoot Sonic off into the air & appear to take no damage when attacked.

Once one of the spring enemies has been located, turn on auto combo to make things a lot easier. After this is active head over to the spring & spam that attack button. This will cause Sonic to relentlessly attack the spring, build the combo meter & activate Phantom Rush in no time.

With auto combo on, Sonic will occasionally stomp the top of the spring destroying it. Runs around the area to find another as they normally spawn close together.

Be aware that every so often, the spring will leap high into the air & attempt to l& on Sonic. Perform a quick dodge or sidestep to evade this move & continue the previous steps. If Phantom Rush has been activated along the way then this process should not take long at all. Continue building the combo, avoid the drop attack & the achievement/trophy will pop in no time.

Sonic Frontiers is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch & PC.


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