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Sonic Frontiers: M-038 Puzzle Guide


Sonic Frontiers players having trouble with puzzle M-038 can find the solution in this helpful strategy guide.

sonic frontiers m-038 puzzle

Sonic Frontiers has five massive open areas for players to run across at the speed of sound. However, at first, these open zones will have areas on the map that cannot be seen just yet –to reveal the entire map; Sonic Frontiers fans will need to complete challenges spread across the l&.

These challenges appear on the map as a red circle with a question mark inside of it. These challenges can vary; there are some in which players need to run as fast as possible in a hamster-wheel-esque device; sometimes, players will need to use their Cyloop move to interact with an object; &, in the case of puzzle M-038, players need to catch a moving orb of light. This Sonic Frontiers guide will walk players through the puzzle, so they can reveal more of the map & continue with their journey to save Sonic’s friends.


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Where to Find Puzzle M-038

Players can see the location of puzzle M-038 in the image below. It’s on Ares Isl&, on the north side of it. To track it down, try searching west of the silver Chaos Emerald & southeast of the yellow Chaos Emerald. The puzzle is also a few steps northwest of the 2-7 Cyberspace level.

ARES isl& sonic frontiers m038 puzzle location

How to Complete M-038 in Sonic Frontiers

Getting to the puzzle location itself might be the hardest part of this challenge, as actually completing it is pretty simple. Once players approach the puzzle’s sign with its number on it, a shiny orb of light will appear nearby.

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The only thing players need to do is gain some speed & catch it by pressing the attack button next to it. The correct button for Switch players is Y (for Xbox, it’s the X button & the Square button for PlayStation).

Some players have been running into an issue where the button prompt fails to appear when next to the orb of light. If this happens, then that probably means that some enemies are st&ing around. Defeat any enemies nearby & then try to catch the light again.

sonic frontiers chasing light orb m-038

Once the orb has been caught, the map will reveal itself, a grind rail will pop up, allowing for easier travel, & Sonic will get another Red seed of power, which can be used to upgrade the Blue Blur by taking it to the Hermit Koko.

Sonic Frontiers is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.


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