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Sonic Frontiers Fan Discovers Unused Isl& In Game’s Switch Files

A Sonic Frontiers player discovers an unused beta isl& in the game’s Nintendo Switch files which features a wide open area to explore.

A Sonic Frontiers fan has discovered an unused beta isl& in the game’s Nintendo Switch files which offered its own open area to explore but didn’t go gold like the levels in the main game. Sonic Frontiers was Sega’s first attempt at bringing Sonic into bigger open areas than in previous titles in the franchise, & although it had many skeptics ahead of launch, its success suggests that it may be a direction that the series continues to take.

YouTube content creator Deathproj_Hun recently uploaded a Sonic Frontiers video in which they’re exploring the aforementioned beta map for over fifty minutes, showing a wide open area, puzzles, & more in the process. Outside the four primary Sonic Frontiers isl&s are thirty Cyber Space levels that offer their own challenge, but the beta isl& is void of such additional activities. While the unused Sonic Frontiers isl& from the Switch files doesn’t have Cyber Space levels, it does have many aspects from the game like grind rails, jump pads & springs, cyloops, & more.


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Deathproj_Hun’s YouTube video shows almost every inch of the unused Kronos Isl& that offers Nintendo Switch fans an extra area to adventure through if they delve into the files as the content creator has. Unlike the breaks in the open game design that Sonic Frontiers fans would experience in the main game, this beta map features more freedom to explore with its arrangement which may suggest that Sonic Team changed the level design along the way. St&ing out even more from the other Sonic Frontiers isl&s, the Kronos beta isl& blends aspects of Rhea & Ouranos isl&s with pieces of Kronos to result in something entirely unique than what made it into the full game.

The overall aesthetic of the Kronos Isl& in Deathproj_Hun’s YouTube upload shares many similarities with the one of the main game, but the content creator has highlighted a part of the Switch code worth examining. Although Deathproj_Hun found the unused Kronos Isl& in Sonic Frontiers‘ Nintendo Switch files, they were able to port it to a PC in order to explore the area at an improved frame rate with better visuals. While the levels that made it into Sonic Frontiers have shown an evolution for the series compared to previous Sonic titles, the Kronos beta isl& may be a glimpse at an even broader scope of level design which may become prominent in future games.

One of the top responses to Deathproj_Hun’s YouTube video celebrated the content creator’s discovery of the beta isl& for the potential Sonic Frontiers modding implications that may turn the unused Kronos into a playground. As many players expressed their appreciation for the Sonic Frontiers puzzles used in the beta isl& versus the full game, others lamented that the full game separated Rhea, Ouranos, & Kronos cosmetics into their own isl&s.

Sonic Frontiers is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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