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Beginner Tips For Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a game that is considered to be in the s&box genre – which means that a player has a large amount of freedom to explore, build, destroy & fight almost anything they want. It centers around trying to make it on a planet far away in space, mining enough resources to get out of there.

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There are a lot of players who are going to immediately take to the s&box mechanics of the game. However, there are some players who may struggle a bit at first, & thus may need some beginner tips before they can properly get into the game.


6/6 Investigate The Drop Pod For Some Materials

When a player first crashes down into their starting world in the game Space Engineers, they will have to immediately start scrounging for any materials that they can get their h&s on in the game. This means that they should also remember to investigate the drop pod that they l&ed in.

The drop pod will be able to give the player a few bare-bones essentials needed for them to get themselves started off on the right foot at the beginning of the game. This includes things such as an oxygen tank, an H2/O2 generator, & a survival kit, which are all going to be things that a player needs in the beginning.

5/6 Add Drills To A Vehicle

Space Engineers - Truck

Once a player gets started on surviving & thriving, they will be able to build a vehicle. This vehicle will enable them to travel around the vast planet much easier but can be also used for other things. One main use that players have discovered they can use vehicles for is mining.

First things first, a player will have to construct a few drills – though they already have a h& drill, building bigger ones will make it much easier for a player to mine. Afterward, a player should attach their new drills to their vehicle, & from there, mining will be so much easier.

4/6 Make Rifles, They Will Fight Off Attack Drones

Space Engineers - People

A player will not just be peacefully roaming around the world, mining for ore, & building whatever they want to. Unfortunately for some pacifistic players, there will be attack drones that are scattered throughout the world – if the enemy bases all around the player detect a beacon or a satellite, they will be sending out these drones to attack.

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While a player can try running for a while, it would be best to just be prepared for these drones, & get ready to fight them off. This can be done with crafting rifles, which can then be used to shoot down any drones that fly over & try to also fire at the player.

3/6 Place Down Some Armor Blocks

Space Engineers - Pipes

There are a bunch of blocks that a player can build & place down while they are roaming through the world they are given in Space Engineers, but it is also worth noting that some blocks are really important to know & build. One of these blocks, in question, is called Armor Blocks, & they are important for producing & refining materials.

A player will have to place down a couple of Armor Blocks in order for production to start, but it will be worth it. The game will set a player up with the blocks that they need at first, but after that, they are on their own.

2/6 Gather Enough Resources To Get Into Space

Space Engineers - Ladder

The ultimate goal that a player should have in regard to their gameplay of Space Engineers is to get enough resources to build a ship & get into space. This is so that they can exp& their empire beyond just the planet that they are on, & their long-term goal should be working towards that.

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While a player should prioritize staying alive as their immediate short-term goal, it will do them good to ensure that they keep on gathering up the materials needed to build a ship. This can include fuel, metal, & so much more other stuff, & it is up to the player to figure out just what they need in order to achieve their goal.

1/6 Turn Off The Beacon, It Will Attract Drones

Space Engineers - Stairs

While this is something that is usually a good tip if the player is on the ground, it is especially important for a player in space with their new ship to remember to turn off their beacon. It will attract enemy drones to Advance swarming towards them & potentially even shoot down the ship they worked so hard to build.

Space is dangerous, & this is no different in the game Space Engineers. Turning off all beacons & satellites will greatly reduce the player’s chances of getting shot down by any enemy drone that happens to stray their way & locate the beacon signals.

Space Engineers is available on Xbox One & Microsoft Windows.

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