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Splatoon 3 2.0 Update Release Time Revealed


Splatoon 3’s 2.0 update now has a release date, setting the stage for the upcoming Chill Season’s new content coming to the shooter.


Nintendo has officially announced when the Splatoon 3 2.0 update is launching. Fans who have been eager for some fresh content won’t have long to wait.

Splatoon 3‘s 2.0 update has been teased for some time now, with new weapons, stages, clothing, emotes, splashtags, & Enormous Run mode promised to arrive with it. As the end of the Drizzle Season approaches, there’s a lot to look forward to just around the corner.

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Splatoon 3 has officially revealed that the 2.0 update will be arriving on November 29, with the new content launching on November 30, at 4 pm PT. Players will need to download & install the update before they’ll be able to play online or with friends who have already updated. Generally the software will update itself on its own, but if players find they’re stuck with the older version, they can access the game’s software updates through the home screen menus.

Splatoon 3 players who currently have replays they’re interested in saving should plan on making a recording of them very soon. Once an update has been released, old Splatoon 3 replays are no longer usable, even if they’ve been pinned or uploaded. This is due to the nature in which the replays function, & unfortunately, it seems as though Nintendo doesn’t plan on changing this anytime soon.

Splatoon 3 has a more structured schedule of updates than Splatoon 2, as the game intends to add new content every season. Patches & other small updates may l& inbetween, but this content arrival should help to refresh the game for anyone who has fully leveled the catalog & exhausted the stores of their available stock. Once the update is live, the catalog will be reset for all players, & a new Chill Season catalog will be available to progress through. Splatoon 3 is also adding the ability to browse through the catalog in-game.

With Splatoon 3 being one of the best selling games for Nintendo this year, it looks like the title has a very Sparkling future ahead of it. In addition to regularly scheduled free content updates like these, Splatoon 3 is receiving paid DLC at some point in the future, which looks to focus in the idols of Splatoon 2, Off the Hook’s Pearl & Marina. Whether it continues the story of Splatoon 2‘s Octo Expansion DLC remains to be seen, but it seems likely that the stories will at least be connected. For now, players will just have to wait & check out the new items added to the title later this week.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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