Splatoon 3 Adding Tableturf Cards Proves the Game Needs a More Competitive Edge


Splatoon 3’s Tableturf Battles are a card-based take on the st&ard Turf War mode, but the lack of multiplayer hinders its competitive potential.


Tableturf Battle has been a surprise hit among Splatoon 3 players. Despite being a side mode tucked away in an alley, Tableturf Battle is one of the most fun modes that Splatoon 3 has to offer. Collecting cards through pack opening & building a deck gives players all the fun of a complete card game within another full game. Tableturf is getting even more love with the Chill Season 2022 update adding cards to coincide with three new weapons & fresh variants of existing weapons. With all of this care going into the game mode, its time Tableturf Battle gets the competitive online mode it deserves.


As it st&s, Tableturf Battle can only be played against NPC opponents. Once players make their way through the ranks of the Splatsville locals, they can challenge some player characters around town. However, these matches are played against NPCs using that player’s deck. With the growing popularity of the game mode & Nintendo’s clear consideration of player feedback, Tableturf Battle could really benefit from the addition of online multiplayer.

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Tableturf’s Competitive Potential is Hindered by Thin Single-Player Content

Li'l Judd in Tableturf.

Tableturf Battle is a card-based take on Splatoon 3’s Turf War mode that involves playing cards representing different weapons & characters to cover more squares on a grid. Each card has a different pattern of coverage, each of which can only be played adjacent to spaces already covered in the player’s ink – without overlapping it. With over 175 cards & the addition of more with the latest seasonal update, the ceiling for strategic depth is already quite high. The downside for players who reach that ceiling is there’s no way to test their skills against other live players of the same level.

There are 19 Splatsville locals for players to compete against in Tableturf Battle, each of which has three difficulty rankings that unlock after the player has defeated the last rank three times. For players who have worked their way through all of the Splatsville locals, there isn’t much else to do beyond challenge player character NPCs.These characters offer three different tiers of EXP correlating to their difficulty level, but even those battles get stale after a while.

How Nintendo Could Take Tableturf to the Next Level

splatoon 3 world premiere splatfest

Being relegated to a side mode in Splatoon 3 makes it pretty clear that Nintendo never intended for Tableturf to gain as much popularity as it did. If the company really want to up the ante for this card battler, there are a variety of ways to do so. Being able to challenge friends or participate in a competitive ladder online would add a whole new dimension of replayability to Tableturf Battle. Having leaderboards similar to the new X Battles would also be a great way for top competitors to show off their rank.

Another way to spice up Tableturf Battles would be to introduce a new, limited-time event for the mode. With the popularity of Splatfests for Turf War & the upcoming Enormous Run for Salmon Run, Tableturf Battle should get its chance to host a seasonal event complete with its own theme & unique rewards. This would be a great way to build excitement among Splatoon 3 players & introduce an online multiplayer component at the same time. As Nintendo listens to player feedback, it’s likely the popularity of Tableturf will be noticed, & hopefully result in a future expansion for the mode.

Splatoon 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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