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Stardew Valley: Every Fall Crop, Ranked

Stardew Valley is a robust farming simulator with plenty of friends to meet, characters to romance, & of course: crops to cultivate. Each season in the game brings new crops & seasonal events that make every in-game month feel like exploring a new adventure. Fall is the perfect time for players looking to make the most bank on their crops, as some of the most expensive crops can be harvested during this season.

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Whether players are looking for ways to maximize their profits during the fall, or are new farmers looking to get the basics, there are plenty of crops in Stardew Valley for all kinds of players.

Updated on November 24, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: Stardew Valley may not be receiving any more updates as ConcernedApe focuses all of their energy on the Haunted Chocolatier game. That being said, the game shows no sign of being any less loved by fans & the community. It’s one of those grindy, yet relaxing games that players tend to Advance back to time & time again, & for those who care about efficiency as well as making the right choices for the farm, choosing the right crops to grow each season is key. Fall, right before the farming Fracture of winter, is a plentiful season for any Stardew Valley farmers. A table has been added to show the growth time of the best fall crops of Stardew Valley from shortest to longest.

All Fall Crops & Their Growth Times

Crop Name Growth Time
Bok Choy 4 days
Wheat 4 days
Eggplant 5 days
Beet 6 days
Amaranth 7 days
Cranberries 7 days
Artichoke 8 days
Sunflower 8 days
Yam 10 days
Grape 10 days
Fairy Rose 12 days
Pumpkin 13 days
Corn 14 days
Sweet Gem Berry 24 days

Source: Stardew Valley Wiki


14/14 Wheat

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store or JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Wheat is an essential crop for any farmer in Stardew Valley no matter their experience level. While only worth 25g, wheat can be ground into flour which can be used in many tastes dishes & baked goods from simple dishes to the more complicated.

Wheat also grows during two seasons, so the harvest & growth period for it can be maximized. However, it needs to be replanted, which can make it generally a hassle to have the farml& full of. It’s a nice crop to have on the side for utility, but it’s not great for profit.

13/14 Sunflower

stardew valley sunflower farm with two houses at night

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store or JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Sunflower seeds are an expensive investment to make in Stardew Valley. Farmers need to carefully manage their budgets if they want to grow these Gorgeous flowers that make great gifts for most of the NPCs in-game.

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Sunflowers only make an 80g base profit from seeds worth 200g, but when harvested, sunflowers drop more seeds. The seeds can also be used to make cooking oil, which is needed to create recipes in the kitchen. While sunflowers can be grown for both summer & fall, they’re not the greatest choice.

12/14 Corn

stardew valley giant corn farm

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store or JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

This multi-season crop is essential for farmers starting out in the game. While there are better, multi-harvest crops to cultivate on the farm, corn lasts from summer through fall. Worth only 50g, corn is a good crop to invest in due to its longevity.

Corn is mainly used to make cooking oil at an Oil Maker, but since cooking oil isn’t needed in bulk by the player & there are better items like truffles to turn into oil, it’s not the best investment.

11/14 Beet

stardew valley beet farm at night above pond next to house

  • How To Get:
    Oasis Store in Calico Desert

  • Selling Price Range:

Beets are a reliable crop whose seeds are only worth 20g. This makes their profit of 100g a great investment. However, Beets take 6 days to grow, meaning they can only be harvested a few times throughout the fall.

Beets are also limited in availability since their seeds can only be purchased from S&y’s store in Calico Desert. The player will have to wait until they can fix the bus to have access to it & a few other special crops.

10/14 Amaranth

stardew valley amaranth farm with sprinklers organized in squares next to pond

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Similar to beets, amaranths are only harvestable a few times a month but are worth quite a decent amount. Their selling price is 150g & is a crop used to make juice as well as a great gift for friends. If players are looking to grow closer to the inhabitants of Stardew Valley, Amaranth is a decent crop to grow.

Amaranth is also used in a side quest with Marnie, so it’s good to have some on h& during the first year of the game.

9/14 Fairy Rose

stardew valley fair rose farm multicolored pastel flowers next to greenhouse on hill

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

This Gorgeous pink plant is another lovely gift for players to distribute to their favorite friends in the valley. Fair rose seeds are quite expensive, costing 200g a seed & selling for 290g when fully grown at base price.

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The investment could be worth it if farmers have high-quality fertilizer, or the money to splurge on growing gifts for their friends. Fairy rose is also incredibly useful when making flavored honey, with fairy rose honey having the highest selling price. Make sure to plant fairy rose close to bee houses.

8/14 Eggplant

stardew valley eggplant farm above slime shack

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Eggplant is one of the autumnal plants that once it’s planted & fully grown can be re-harvested after a few days. Each eggplant goes for 60g & only takes 5 days to regrow. This makes the crop a worthy investment for farmers looking to turn a quick profit.

Eggplants are also a decent choice for any cooks out there, as they can be used to make the Survival Burger & Eggplant Parmesan dishes. Moreover, eggplant is required for the Fall Crops Bundle in the Community Center, so it should be one of the first choices of a player planning to complete the bundles as soon as possible.

7/14 Bok Choy

stardew valley bok choy farm surrounded by metal fence

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Bok Choy is another crop like the eggplant that doesn’t take very long to grow. Harvestable in just 4 days, Bok Choy is a great plant for fast-paced farmers needing money fast. This crop costs 50g but turns a profit of 80g at the lowest rarity.

Although Bok Choy isn’t used in any of the Community Center bundles, it does see use in the Super Meal dish, the recipe of which can be acquired by befriending Kent. The Super Meal provides a ton of maximum energy & a speed boost, so planting a few Bok Choys for this recipe isn’t a Depraved idea.

6/14 Yam

stardew valley yam farm half empty surrounded by fence

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Yams are a great autumnal substitute for potatoes that grow in the spring. Worth 160g, yams are only harvestable twice throughout fall. If players want to make a plentiful harvest of yams during the fall, they’re going to have to plant quite a large amount of yams.

The classic yam is required for players to complete the Fall Crops bundle located at the Community Center, so they’ll want to plan this as soon as possible if they plan on finishing the bundles quickly. Yams are also used to make Glazes Yams & Autumn’s Bounty dishes. The latter gives a great boost to Foraging & Defense.

5/14 Grape

stardew valley grape farm at night

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store or JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Grapes are an expensive seed to buy, but once fully grown are an incredible investment. While grapes take 10 days to fully mature, they’re harvestable every three days throughout the fall, with each grape worth 80g! Grapes can also be fermented into wine, which can sell for way more!

Note that grapes are sold on a trellis, which means they need to be planted in specific patterns for the player to have access to them. Make sure to leave some space so that each trellis can be accessed by the character at least from one side.

4/14 Cranberries

stardew valley cranberry farm under house surrounded by fence

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store or JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

Cranberries are another crop that regrows all on its own. The bonus for taking the time to grow cranberries is each plant gives players two cranberries, doubling the normal profit of 75g per cranberry to 150g.

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They also only take 5 days to grow, so they’re harvestable a decent amount of times throughout the month. Cranberries are the best fall crop to save for kegs, & they make decently-priced wine. For first-year farmers, they are a powerful choice for making a profit before getting access to starfruits & ancient seeds.

3/14 Artichoke

stardew valley artichoke farm in squares under house in day time surrounded by fence

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store

  • Selling Price Range:

Similar to yams, artichokes can only be harvested a few times throughout the season, but they’re worth slightly more. Coming in at 160g & three harvests, artichokes are a quicker investment for farmers looking for a similar experience from growing yams, as artichokes take fewer days to grow.

The artichoke isn’t important for any bundles, luckily, but it does appear in two recipes. It can be used to make the simple Artichoke Dip or the Super Meal which is learned from a recipe sent over by Kent once he’s befriended. The Super Meal boosts speed & maximum energy, so it might be worth having a few artichokes in storage just for it.

2/14 Pumpkin

stardew valley pumpking farm with giant pumpkins amidst smaller ones next to mountain

  • How To Get:
    Pierre’s Store & JojaMart

  • Selling Price Range:

The most recognizable crop of the fall is, of course, pumpkins! Pumpkins take a long time to grow, but they’re worth 320g when fully cultivated. Pumpkin seeds are only 100g, so there’s a profit of 220g, & that’s not even counting farmers who use fertilizer.

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Pumpkins, like cauliflower & melons, have the chance of growing into giant crops which can yield a dozen or more pumpkins when harvested with an axe.

1/14 Sweet Gem Berry

stardew valley multi crop farm with organize squares for crops under shed next to pond

  • How To Get:
    Traveling Cart

  • Selling Price Range:

The single most profitable crop in the fall has to be sweet gem berries. Neither a fruit nor a vegetable, this mysterious crop grows from a rare seed worth 1,000g but can be sold for 3,000g. These seeds take 24 days, almost a whole month, to grow in-game. But the wait is worth it for farmers willing to be patient.

Sweet gem berries can only be bought in limited quantities from the Traveling Cart, so accumulating a bunch of them will take a lot of time & money. That said, they’re a worthy investment towards mid & late-game. They don’t need to be refined & can’t be eaten, which means they’re simply sold as they are.

Stardew Valley was released on February 26, 2016, & is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Android, & iOS.

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