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Starfield Composer Announces US Concert With Symphony


Inon Zur, the composer behind the music of Starfield, is set to perform a one-off concert in the US, in which he will be premiering the game’s suite.

Image from Starfield showing a city in the distance, brightly lit by a star.

Veteran video game composer Inon Zur, who is working on the score for Starfield, has announced he will be performing the upcoming title’s music this month with full orchestral backing. While November is a bittersweet month for Bethesda fans, given that the developer’s sci-fi RPG was supposed to be out by now, many are still excited about the game’s release, not only because it will fill in the gap before The Elder Scrolls 6 arrives, but also because it represents the first new IP from the Maryl&-based studio in a quarter of a century.


Bethesda games are generally considered “epic” & much of that has to do with the often Gorgeous music that accompanies the equally gorgeous visuals. Inon Zur has worked on the Fallout games since the third installment but has also done the scores for Dragon Age, Crysis, & the video game adaptation of James Cameron’s Avatar, as well as many others. His resume is very impressive, so it feels as though Starfield is in good h&s in terms of its music, & anyone who’s in or around Los Angeles will soon be able to catch the US premiere of the suite.

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In a recent Twitter post from Zur, the composer has said there will be a performance of the Starfield score at The Soraya in LAon November 20 at 7 PM PST. The concert will be in conjunction with the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony with Dr. Noreen Green, who founded the orchestra in 1994, as artistic director & conductor. Those interested can purchase tickets now from the venue. There will be no digital tickets as the performance won’t be streaming live, so fans will need to be in the area to attend in person.

Zur was recently interviewed on the Gamertag Radio podcast, in which he discussed his musical influences & his time working with Todd Howard & the team at Bethesda. The musician went on to say that he feels Starfield is being courageous in addressing Huge philosophical questions, such as the origins of life or where mankind is heading, something he wanted to reflect in his score.

While there’s still no official release date for the game, Microsoft has said Starfield will arrive after Redfall, another game being published by Bethesda. However, given that the latter was delayed at the same time as the former, this doesn’t entirely narrow it down. Currently, both titles are due for release within the first half of 2023, so hopefully some more information will Approach to light soon.

Starfield is scheduled to release for PC & Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

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